Platonic love, myth or reality?

Well, I personally believe that it may exist but only between two people who are completely and utterly unattracted to each other. I bring in this case my friend and I. He insists on not being named, because he’s a major jerk. He and I have known each other for about 8 years now which […]

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Phone Therapy

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One more thing

What is it with people who don’t talk to you awhile and just ask you for some advice out of the blue. Obviously I’m more than willing to help a fellow human being, cough, but pissed if I would help a human being who only speaks to me for the sole purpose of extracting some knowledge […]

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Yama Layali, Aseebak La2, Ana A3mel Eih, Tab AAAAAAAAA

It’s been a while since I last posted new songs right?? I mean you know me and my addiction to the Arabic music :D …  Well, I have few of my favorites here, first I have the new hit for Carol Smaha (Yama Layali) very nice song, I’ve been hearing it om ROoana Radio every 15 […]

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Damaged goods

I’m sorta dedicating this post to a good friend of mine who has officially joined the circle of damaged goods. Most of my friends seem to be damaged goods now, I don’t know whether it’s because we’ve just been alive long enough to experience a higher probability of being damaged or whether the damaged just […]

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Much to do about nothing

I started this blog so that I could just to kill the time here in LA, whine, and rant to my hearts content without having to worry about boring the hell out of my friends. I could write all I wanted, and even if my friends wanted to read it or not, that’s cool. I don’t […]

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Love… Slow poison!

It’s ridiculous to say that being in love with someone doesn’t inevitably change you in any way. I don’t mean that when someone loves you they poison you, just that they probably kill some bad parts of the old you, which is probably a really good thing anyway. I can’t say for a fact that I’m completely […]

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Random rambling

If my being is the sum total of my experiences, what happens if I can’t remember most of them? Would that mean that I cease to exist as a person, or would the perceived existence of my body equate to my existence? I’m probably digging a hole here, since this area isn’t really my strong […]

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Being of average intelligence means that every 2nd person you meet is more stupid than you are. Being above average intelligence, say about… 75% means that about every 4 people you meet, 3 people will be more stupid than you are. Considering that one is in the top 25th percentile, let us assume that there […]

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Judge me on what’s inside my head.

I know it isn’t that big a deal if I post my picture or not but I feel that it is. I mean, you could probably find my picture somewhere on the internet already. No wait, you can. I think the whole matter now is finding a decent picture of myself that I’m willing to […]

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