Awkward Situations — Vol 2: On a Plane

So I travel to LA a lot, about every 3 months or so, I always brace for the impact of encountering airline passengers; when people are treated like cattle, they can hardly be blamed for reacting like baboons.  Here, rules of engagement for the most ruthless form of travel. Pre-flight Awkward Situation: Despite the airline calling […]

8 Things I’ve Learned About Cooking Without Gluten, Dairy, and Sugar

3 months ago, if you had asked what my favorite foods were, I would have replied, bread, rice, bread, chocolate, bread … and did I mention bread and chocolate? I pitied my gluten-intolerant friends and rolled my eyes at the trendiness of “everything-free” diets. So of course it happened: I found myself struggling with health problems, […]

That Awkward Moment

In the spirit of social situations (how’s that for alliteration?), let’s address those awkward encounters that we find all too frequently — and what we can do about them. And by “we” I mean that these are true stories of my own, or friends who shall remain nameless.   Over Email Awkward Situation: You receive an […]

New Year’s Day 4 Years ago… Remembering Baba.

When my father passed away on New Year’s Day of 2010, while death had previously impacted my life, losing him was unlike any emotional pain I’d ever experienced. His death literally sucked the oxygen out of my body. It felt hard to breathe. It suddenly felt like a large chunk of who I was; my […]

A parents’s prayer

I pray that I may let my child live her own life, and not the one I wish I had lived. therefore, guard me against burdening her with doing what I failed to do. help me to see her missteps today in perspective against the long road she must go, and grant me the grace […]

Brainless Alert

BRAINLESS ALERT: A friend of mine had to have the garage door repaired. The repairman told them that one of their problems was that they did not have a “large” enough motor on the opener. she thought for a minute, and said that they had the largest one made at that time–a 1/2 horsepower. He […]

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I Am Happiest When…

1. I’m happiest when I get full run of the kitchen to create masterpieces. I thoroughly enjoy making complete meals from scratch. A lot of the time our fridge looks as if it has been robbed, as we’ve got practically nothing in it, but no worries! What may look like nothing to everyone else is […]

#B4JO – Sands of home

I don’t really know where to start; I have so many unorganized thoughts in my head… The meaning of home changed so many times during the time I’ve been living here in the U.S, when I first came here 7 years ago, Jordan was the only place I want to be! I hated it here! […]

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It has been so long!

So long indeed, I don’t even think that anybody still reads this blog. Why was I away all that time? Well, let’s just say I have my reasons! As I was watching Al-Jazeera this morning and for the first time, the screen was split into 6 smaller screens showing Tunisia on the first one, Egypt […]

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 I just don’t get it, some mothers don’t even deserve to be mothers, I’m sorry but yes this is the truth, the painful truth!! Lisa, a mom of adorable girls, Amanda 9, and April 13 years old, is the worst nightmare can happen to these girls, I think they would be happier if they have […]

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