What the hell?? What’s with guys these days?? They are getting stupider every single second, I can’t take their stupidity anymore, walakom Khalas ghabaaaaa2!!!   I’m furious, some guys have no respect for themselves or other what so ever, just because I’m not responding to you fool, it doesn’t mean I scared of you!!   […]

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When you are about to go crazy @ work!

This is what happens when you talk to hundreds of people; you pick the phone and go blaaank, but you still manage to know what the hell they are talking about!! :D

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What Men Really Mean (Humor)

1. “Let’s take your car.” Really means…. “Mine is full of soda cans, burger wrappers and completely out of gas.” 2. “It’s a guy thing.” Really means…. “There is no rational thought pattern connected with it, and you have no chance at all of making it logical.” 3. “Can I help with dinner?” Really means…. […]

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“Men are simple,but they’re not stupid” Part 1

Most men are deeply offended by insincerity, and deeply disturbed by incongruity – for example, if we’re mad, but we smile and act nice – our behavior on the outside doesn’t match what we’re feeling on the inside. They can feel our anger, and the smile just reads “fake”. They think they can’t trust us. […]

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Look To The Sky

Can you feel me close? Look to the sky and see the stars shining down on you. As they do, they shower you with my warmth and love.   Can you feel my hand? Look to the sky and see the moon’s soft glow. It’s caress is my hand gently nestling itself in yours.   […]

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Brazil    Toronto   Chicago   Cleveland   Cologne Cathedra   Copenhagen   London   Los Angeles   Moscow   Niagara Falls   Oakland   Paris   petersburg   Vienna       Gaza

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I have no idea how it feels to be utterly loved. I am the place a person falls to when life gets hard. I am the shoulder, the keeper of secrets, the kindness through their pain. I am the wisdom, the knowledge. I have no idea how it feels to be utterly loved.

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“unlucky” in love?

NOTE: This post is NOT by Maioush I used to think I was “unlucky” in love.One man after another broke my heart, no matter how promising the “relationship” was at the beginning.I had so little self-esteem I was practically INVITING men to come into my life who had no intention of making me happy forever. […]

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WARNING: THIS IS A VERY VERY VERY GIRLY POST But guys if you wanna help, you are more than welcome to do so :) Ok so, I’m need to do some shopping for few stuff, and girls I need your advice. 1. Foundation and powder: I really care when it comes to the stuff I […]

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How NOT to Pass American Idol

 I am not a huge American Idol fan, probably because I am not in to English music as much; I’m more like an Arabic music buff. But the following is just plain common sense in my opinion from what I notices during the past few years… I was flipping the channels tonight, and looks like […]

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