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Once Upon a Time, Mnee7a the Squirrel …

Once upon a time, there lived a squirrel called Mnee7a. Mnee7a was the most generous squirrel you could ever wish to meet. Indeed, she was generous to a fault, and in her case it was a very big fault. Like any squirrel, most of her day was spent scurrying around the forest foraging for nuts. […]

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Settling for less!!

Every day I discuss this matter with someone, I start to get it more and more, the fact that the dream girl for guys is the super model who can cook, great with kids, well educated, doesn’t spend his money, and love him forever more than the whole world. Girls dream is a handsome guy, with […]

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My Full Moon is here again …

I know that you guys all know about my moon obsession, but today’s post is not about that, it’s about me , yes me, as you all know I’m insomniac for almost 8 years now, I don’t’ sleep at night, and even if I do, I wakeup a million times a night, but for the […]

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Congrats for being one of the top 15 bloggers Qwaider..

Everybody, I want you to join me to celebrate Qwaider Planet, and Memories Documented blog owner, our friend Qwaider for winning one of the top 15 blogs in WUB  :) . Yesterday was the results for the top 15 blogs all over the world at WUB, we got 65 votes for different blogs from WUB members, the […]

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What’s the point of loving someone doesn’t feel you that way??  I mean why do people fall in love in the first place? And if we did.. why would we keep this passionate feeling and have all this pain? Isn’t it weird to have something hurt you and you just can’t let it go?? I […]

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Tire explosion, Call AAA

Today was a very weird day, let me start by saying that it’s been a long time since I wrote a personal post, but I had to blog about this, I had to, had to…I was driving back from a job interview (and I did pretty good if you are interested to know) , all […]

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Painful Involvement…

She never thought that getting involved like this might be so hard!! I mean when she first met him, her wish was just talking to him, just listen to his voice, then day after day, things kept happening in a way nobody never expected, and she got more than she ever dreamed of, she so close […]

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High expectations ball !!!

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“Over a girl”

  You know, you see a guy moping around cause he’s heartsick and you think to yourself I’d like to see the woman who did that to him.  And then the next thought is I wish I could do something like that to somebody.  Not purposefully break someone’s heart, but that somebody could look that woeful […]

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