PRE EID BREAKFAST! ( I need a haircut)

Kol 3am o ento b kair! Last Saturday me and husbandy were invited to breakfast at one of our friends house, it was the first time I enjoy a gathering here, I don’t usually enjoy a gathering with a lot of people, there is always someone that says something stupid, but this time, they were […]

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WordPress 2.7 is coming to WordPress tonight!

New features, new screens, new taps, this interface will be out at 5pm Thursday in California, 1am Friday in London (UTC), 8am Friday in Jakarta, noon on Friday in Sydney. Jane Wells wrote a huge review about it Read more HERE!

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laptops situation

We have a bit of laptops situation at home, when I first came to the house I threw away 3 crashed laptops, husbandy was using their parts to fix other laptops (in case something happens), husbandy is was the type who buys extra extra stuff for everything in case something happens :) “love you baby” […]

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Some people just don’t get it… la e7sas wala dam!!

Khalaaaas I’ve had it with some people, what part of me ignoring you don’t you get? Tayeb balash, what part of me telling you that I don’t want to talk to you don’t you get?? I just don’t get it, can people really be that “mlkal7een” I mean help me out here, when you tell […]

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