A Fatal Tale

‘What are you doing?’ asked the cat. ‘I’m hiding,’ said the partially blind mouse. ‘What are you hiding from?’ inquired the cat. ‘Cats’ whispered the mouse. ‘But I’m a cat,’ purred the cat. ‘DAMN !’ yelped the mouse. ‘It’s okay,’ smiled the cat, ‘I’m not very hungry at the moment’ But it was too late […]

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Lots of things irritate me, on account of how I am easily irritated. Most of all, I am irritated by stupidity, especially stupidity caused by lack of attention to obvious detail. No more is this demonstrated than in my total aversion to the misuse of words and one thing that really drives me insane is […]

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Why should you have a GUY as a best friend..

During my life I’ve been the one known to hang out with guys more than girls, not because I grew up between 3 of them, and that had nothing to do with me being e tom boy (I’m not, don’t you dare say I am!!), girls, I love you so much, and I really enjoy […]

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I hate facebook!!

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You are a better Muslim than me

Yesterday as I was invited my friend’s birthday party, it was one amazing party with all means, and I had the chance to meet one of the most amazing characters ever. Kadeeja, a 21 years old girl who recently converted to Islam, not because she was married to a muslin guy, not because somebody asked […]

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39 Q Tag, ok that was fun :)

I’ve been tagged by Oriental Arabesque, thanks dear :) 1. What is your middle name? M 2. What color pants are you wearing? Gray 3. What are you listening to now? Alb o ra7 by Sherine 4. What was the last thing you had to drink? Huge cup of coffee 5. Do you wish on […]

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A card I might send…

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Heart in the night. . .

I hear the faint sounds of music, and it plays upon my mind like a soft whisper of a memory, a feeling, an emotion once felt so strongly it took my breath away. I stand in the wind, and feel its gentle warmth rush over my skin as it carries me back to another time, […]

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Where did you grow up??

If you are between the age 20 and 30 and you grow up in Kuwait just like me, then you definitely know these cartoons, and yeah .. I don’t mean Grendizer or Gonger, everybody knows these 2 characters by now, I mean the real stuff, the cartoon I’ve never seen in Jordan. I’m not really sure […]

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Wishing Him The Best…

It’s not about loving him, I believe she is not kind of person who falls in love easily, it’s just about wishing the best for him, I mean, she wants him to be with someone who really cares about him, someone who deserves his pretty eyes, and great smile, someone who realize what kind of […]

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