You are a better Muslim than me

Yesterday as I was invited my friend’s birthday party, it was one amazing party with all means, and I had the chance to meet one of the most amazing characters ever.

Kadeeja, a 21 years old girl who recently converted to Islam, not because she was married to a muslin guy, not because somebody asked her to, she did because she WANTS to.

She was carious what is Islam all about, she started reading books, and little by little, she started to get more and more interested every day, so she started asking questions, she went to the mosque few times to talk to somebody and to find answers, and el hamdolla she did.

2 years ago Khadeeja found the answers she is looking for, and decided that she wants to be a Muslim, for all of the good things she found out about Islam, starting with how Islam treats women, to how does it help to deal with our daily life.

She was so excited that Ramadan is coming soon; she was looking forward to fast and get more Hasanat, she explained to me how everybody started treating her differently since she started wearing Hijab, and she kept repeating (و من ترك لأجلي أعطيته فوق المزيد), I was extremely amazed by her mashalla.

You can’t imagine how interesting our conversation went, 3 hours passed and I didn’t even notice, we talked about almost everything, I even invited her over to our house, YAAAAAAAAAAY I made a new friend… a great one :D

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  1. secratea Says:

    My sister in law (still my brother’s fiance), who is 21 right now reverted to Islam (I am using the term reverted as we Muslims believe that all humanbeing are basically born Muslim) after being raised Roman Catholic, when she was 16. Her reversion was basically triggered by Sept. 11 incident. She decided to investigate Islam on her own at that time and not depend on the media’s negative portrayal of Islam..After investigating the religion thoroughly, she decided that it holds the final truth she has always been restless to grasp.. el7amdella ;)) She is one of the most strongest Muslim girls in her area and at her local mosque.. she devotes 2 hours daily to teaching Islam to whoever wants to learn.. I am so proud of her ;)

    Elmuhim, my brother and her got engaged four months ago and will get married next month inshlla ;) … I am sooooo excited

  2. Maioush Says:

    Wow Secratea, that’s great.. mshalla 3aleaha, see that’s what I’m talking about, I was so proud of that girl yesterday, she actually knows every single mosque in LA, I was embarrassed that I don’t that much, I know couple of them, but I’m really active in that field, mshalla allah yhanni ur brother and his fiancé, o alf mabrook moqadaman, I feel so happy to hear such stories :)

  3. Noura Says:

    True, I also met a couple of people who embraced Islam recently at the masjid and found them to be extremely excited at their new found inner peace, it’s like they were lost and found home.. and also found them more eager to learn and to absorb every hadith, they have endless questions, it’s like they don’t only want to be muslims they want to master practicing the new found faith and be proud..
    We are more relaxed, which we shouldn’t be, may be because we were born into Islam and we take it for granted..Allah yehdina jami3an :)

  4. Gradly Says:

    great to hear all of this .. I’m proud to be a Muslim.

  5. sam Says:

    i visit a muslim families forum on baby center and im amazed at those women..alot of them reverted on their own…they are very devoute…they study, study and study some more to deepen their knowledge…i have learned alot from them…some take to an extreme with the niqab and no pictures, or tv..etc…:)

  6. Mnoosh Says:

    kol i7teram!

    allah yhdena..

  7. Maioush Says:

    Exactly Noura, these are amazing people we are talking about, I feel so proud to hear stories like that, and you are right, we shouldn’t be as relaxed, allah yehdeena.

    Mashalla, me too :)

    Yeah I know, talking it to the extreme is a little Hmmm! how do I say that I don’t know but I don’t like it, but this girl is amazing, she is acting like she was born a Muslim mashlla, she is just great.


  8. miss sea lover Says:

    nice wallah, i get so thrilled when i meat ppl like that or hear about them…it shows that lessa el donia bi kheer

  9. ola Says:

    Ma sha’a Allah! these peopel make you feel lissa el donya b5air!

  10. Maher Says:

    if people would listen.. well, she did!

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