Strong Women…

Strong women are those that know the road ahead will be strewn with obstacles, but they choose to walk it because it’s the right one. Strong women are those that make mistakes, admit to them, learn from that failure and then use that knowledge. Strong women hurt, but they still extend their hearts and hands, […]

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The Oscar’s Overview…

So tonight was the Oscars night hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, she was extremely funny, she gave the Oscars a special taste this year, I loved Jon Stewart last year, but this year was different :)I spent the whole evening watching the Oscars, not because I wanted to as much as I didn’t have any thing […]

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To love or to be loved…

Are you scared of giving? Or are you willing to give love? And if you are the second kind, do you love someone to make that person happy or to make yourself happy? Do you prefer to love or do you prefer to be loved? Is love selfish after all? Or are we doing it […]

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Speeding Ticket!!!

Remember when I told you that I drive 110mph? I wasn’t lying because this morning I got caught, but this time it was 84mph.I don’t know what is it about February, all I know that I always hated it, and this year I got the proof for it. I was late for work because the […]

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You should be with a guy who loves you more than you do!!!

With all the drama that has been going on lately, I couldn’t hold my self from posting this.A just got engaged recently, we were so happy for her, she is a good girl and deserves the best, she hugged me and said: “make sure when you decide to get married to be with someone who […]

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We need your prayers… alot of prayers

I wanted to post this for a while but I hesitated since my mom will read this and I didn’t want her to know this way. But now she knows. My grandmother has cancer… bone cancer, so far its spread in her right shoulder, pelvic (hip), rips, back, and skull, these parts are broken, it’s advanced already. Currently she […]

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Have you ever felt like.. Whatever!!!

Today I’m not in a good mood; I haven’t been able to sleep for the whole week although I’m so sleepy, my whole body hurts because the lack of sleep. I don’t feel like food (as usual), I’m not in the mood to do any thing, I just want to set and listen to music […]

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I Don’t Understand!!!

 I don’t understand Why we can’t have differences without hatred. Why we can’t have disagreements without belittlements. Why we can’t love a higher spirit, but each in our own way. Why we can’t feed the homeless but can rebuild the world. Why we can’t find charity for our neighbors but can pray for a stranger. […]

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Stop calling my name.. Leave me alone!!!

I’ve been having bad workdays for 3 days in a row; Monday was a state holiday so I enjoyed my long weekend, went out with friends, cleaned my room, the carpet, the window, changed the sheets, reorganized the closet, and moved all the cabinets, maaaaaan clean feels gooood :) .Then my week started, and the […]

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To My Valentine Friend…

  My heart smiles each time I remember our special friendship. I treasure the quiet times we spend together sharing our secrets, hopes and dreams. I know I can count on you to always be there when I need a hand to hold, or a comforting hug. When I think of what fills my life […]

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