To My Valentine Friend…


My heart smiles each time I remember our special friendship.

I treasure the quiet times we spend together sharing our secrets, hopes and dreams.

I know I can count on you to always be there when I need a hand to hold, or a comforting hug.


When I think of what fills my life with love.

You are always at the top of the list.

Although I never celebrated Valentine’s before,

But this is a Valentine greeting for Someone Special

Because you’re there for me…

Because I know you care…

Because we have that special friendship…


I’m sending you this Valentine…

A special wish your way…

For warmth and love to fill your life…

Today and every day.


6 Responses to “To My Valentine Friend…”

  1. Qabbani Says:

    oh , so to day is the Valentine ..

    i thought 2no 3a asas Valentine :p

  2. Red Rose Says:

    happy valantine mioush ;)

  3. Jano Says:

    thanks for the comment maiousheh.. have a nice valentine’s day.. i hope we talk tonight..

  4. mala2e6 Says:


    that is so sweet..hope you always have your dear ones near..happy valentine’s day

  5. The Observer Says:

    That’s nice.

    Happy Valentine’s day for you and your friend :)

  6. Maioush Says:

    Happy Valentine to each one of you guys, hope you had a great valentine :D

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