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Please stop yelling…

I really need to talk about this, I feel like there is a huge bubble in my chest, does that sound weird? It’s not the emptiness feeling no, and it’s not like I fell a huge rock setting on my chest Kaman no.. I feel like there is a huge amount of air a huge […]

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Tattoo of the year.. LOL!

I had to post this guys, I mean seriously.. I have to share the laugh :D LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!

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“Men are simple,but they’re not stupid” Part 2

Friendayeh wrote, As we talked in  Part 1 how men are really simple to deal with, but they are diffenetly now stupid, I’ll go int his part about chemistry and blaming men. Psychologically, all our old words and body language together are our “defense system.” They’re there to defend us against threats and pain – […]

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The Art Of Listening

 I was talking to one of my friends, she’s been married for almost 2 years now, she was complaining on how things are not going “so great” between the two, after listening to her for more than an hour, she felt much better that she actually was able to “talk” to someone about it, which made me […]

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Is it time to grow up yet?

 It puzzles me when I look at girls in their twenties and still act like little kids, I mean there is nothing wrong with being a kid ON THE INSIDE, but at a certain point I think we have to grow up, and act according to our age, and respect ourselves in able to others to […]

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On hating salad and losing weight!

  I have a confession to make, I HATE SALAD!!! but first of, I wanna state that I tried everything I can to love it, but no way I will ever do.. I’ve been eating it for the past week everyday as an attempt to lose weight, yeah yeah yeah … I joined the club, […]

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GIRLS, your dream guy is here!

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BAJO- Jordanian Songs… Happy Post :)

Happy Blog About Day everybody.. :) Allow me to say, that this day was and still amazing, I can’t believe how everybody got together and blogged about Jordan, I mean I was so excited that I slept for one hour LOL! I look like a walking zombie :D but I don’t care.. I’m just so […]

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