14 Responses to “URGH!!!!!!!!!”

  1. chikapappi Says:

    Amen to that sister! God knows how hard one has to work to get to what she / he wants! I only wish you the best sweets

  2. Maher Says:

    Thats so Right mai! Hii5! :P

  3. Qabbani Says:

    i love puzzles

  4. Hani Obaid Says:

    no way across :(

  5. wonders Says:

    very well not said :D

  6. Batoul Says:

    Take a deeeeeeep breath in!
    ok zafeer :D lol

  7. vagueraz Says:

    how to cross!!

  8. Princess N Says:

    sometimes the journey and the paths you take to reach your goals are much exciting and fulfilling than the goal itself.. good luck..

  9. Lost Within Says:

    No matter how long it takes and how tangled ways might get , the most important thing is to finally get there :)
    Cheer up doll and enjoy challenges coz they make success tastier ;)

  10. sam Says:

    well getting there is half the fun…u will do it and reach your dreams…btw the babies r looking so big and so adorable…

  11. sharifo Says:

    true true !

  12. jumana Says:


    How did you come up with this idea Maioush?

  13. Maioush Says:

    Amen ya rabbi!!

    Hi 5 buddy :)
    Then you are enjoying life

    Follow the top line :)

    Thank you :oops:

    Follow the top line sweets :)

    Princess N:
    True, I agree walahi , but it’s tiring as well, good luck to you too :)

    Lost within:
    Getting there is the part I’m really waiting for :)
    Thank you dear, I’ll try to enjot I promise :)

    I’m doing it as hard as I can walahi ya Sam, and YEAH!!!!!!!!!! Did you see htem munching on bread :D LOOOOOOOOOL!! They are so cute :D


    I just look at my life :D

  14. Devilstine Says:

    its obviously the first line !!

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