What is F12 button for??

This is a very interesting interview of Bill Gates with the awesome Jon Stewart. Jon was asking Bill Gates: Whats F12 button for? LOL  i don’t know, do u? :) Enjoy the interview ;)

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Babies Names wanted

On a previous article I told you that my aunt is pregnant, and later on I updated it that she is actually having a twins, so tonight we spent the night looking for names for the babies and here are the names  she liked: =our choices==  Yousef (this is my favorite name) Yasar Sofia Zia Nadine  Now on […]

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…Live life fully…

Savor each moment presented to you. Make certain you’ve taken the time to watch the sun both rise and set, and have allowed yourself a moment to enjoy the night light’s, game of hide, and seek as the moon and stars peep out of the darkness.  Stop to appreciate the new blossom on a flower […]

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Generations Need Each Other…Wisdom

“The love of grandparents and grandchildren is often incredibly pure and powerful. I’ve noticed that most children who have known their grandparents grow up loving older people. They are like kittens that have been gentled and have learned to love humans. I was talking to a friend, he was telling me how he grew up […]

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“I’m a heartbreaker”…

“I was the one who dumped him”, “I’m the one who left him”, “I’m a heartbreaker, nobody breaks my heart”, “when ever u feel he will leave, dump him right away”, “don’t let him be the one who leaves you”…Etc, words I’ve been hearing from girls lately, it just drives me crazy. Whenever the girl […]

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Father’s Unspoken Love

My Dad is not an emotional guy. We can’t seem to actually get out the words “I love you”. Over the years at different times I have wanted to be one of those families that were free with their emotions. As I get older however, I realize that though we may not speak those words […]

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جت بظروفها

A new single for Ehab Tawfeeq (جت بظروفها). I’ve heard this song few months a go but I totally forgot about it, until yesterday I was playing with my video collection and I found it again, so I uploaded it to share it with everybody. What I like about this song is that its different […]

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Define verb state or describe the exact nature or scope of. give the meaning of (a word or phrase). mark out the limits or outline of. What defines you?

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Baby on board

My aunt is having a baby I’ve known for a while now that she’s having a baby, but today it finally became real. When I saw the evidence. This is no blob. This is a baby. My aunt. Pregnant. I’m going to be a cousin for him (or her – don’t know what model it […]

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Can A Woman Really Have it All?

Someone asked me this week if I thought we really can have “it all.” My immediate answer was “of course,” but after thinking it over I concluded that it depends on a lot of things. I think three main questions to ask are:  (1) Do you think you can have “it all?”  (2) Do you have […]

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