Tell Me… Lie to Me

…a secret.
Tell me a lie.
Tell me the first thing that catches your eye.
Tell me a story that needs to be told.
Don’t hold back, feel free to be bold.
If you worry your words may bring you shame.
Fear not, dear writer, just don’t leave your name.

9 Responses to “Tell Me… Lie to Me”

  1. Jano Says:

    hey maioooooooooush … i’ve been away hiding from monsters bs im back :D

    thats amazing wallah what you wrote… keep it up :p

    take care ya karmoosheh ente :)

  2. MQabbani Says:

    nice and Cool : ) …..

    and nice new Look

  3. Maioush Says:

    Jaaaaaaaaaaaaannnooooooooooooooo.. welcome back ya 3omri, i really miss u so much.. congrats on
    i’m so happy for u… miss u miss u miss u..
    Qabbani: thank u dear

  4. 7ala Says:

    ya za3ra be6la3 minnek wallah :)
    very very nice ya maioush .. I loved it , aslan kol eljawza2 mobde3een ;)

  5. Red Rose Says:

    Tell me al lie..reminds me of “kizbak 7ilu song” remeber?
    shu hal rawa2 ya 3ami…simple attractive words.I liked it.

  6. Someone with an attitude Says:

    I hope you don’t mind asking about your birth date. We are studying how that affects the bloger’s personality.

  7. Maioush Says:

    7ala: thank thnak u, a5jaltom tawado3na :D , and yes thats true all gemini are talented (this is a fact) i”m not just being nice, thats one of the things that gemini people have…

    Red Rose: i love the song u just mentioned.. its more than beautiful. thank u.

    Someone with an attitude: my birth date is in my profile, its may.26

  8. Menna Says:

    maaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, mn yoom ma 3rftk wana trying to let u know all of that lw7dk… tigi enty today t2olili tell me!!!!! shit on u:PPPP

  9. Maioush Says:

    Menna: allah y3eeni 3aleaki o 3ala lasanek

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