Baby on board


My aunt is having a baby

I’ve known for a while now that she’s having a baby, but today it finally became real. When I saw the evidence.

This is no blob. This is a baby.

My aunt. Pregnant.

I’m going to be a cousin for him (or her – don’t know what model it is yet).

This blows my mind.

I’m so happy for her and for my uncle

Congratulations guys


this is a great update.. I will be a cousin for TWO babies


TWINS, this is great news, really great…

God bless u Judith and bless the babies… I’m more than happy for you.. :D

16 Responses to “Baby on board”

  1. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    You made it absolutely CLEAR beyond any shadow of a doubt that it’s your AUNT! fhimna! :)

    Alf mabrook … and okbal el 3ayzeen ya 7abayeb

  2. Jano Says:

    congraaaaaaaaaaaats :D i love babies :p 3ala asas hehehe

  3. MQabbani Says:

    Nice …. mabrooook : )

  4. Maioush Says:

    Qwaider: YES, MY AUNT IS PREGNANT LOOOOOOOOOOL. 3okbal 3end kanaynak ya 5alti… :D
    Jano: Thaaaaaaaaaaaank u, 3o2bal ma nefra7 feeki ;)
    Qabbani: allah ybarek feek thank u :)

  5. red rose Says:

    fantastic ..I adore babies

  6. Menna Says:

    mabroooook mai and 2 ur uncle and his wife, 3o2balek kda ama tgblna ahbal so3’yar:P bas ykoon osayar… ezay.. m3rfsh.. etsarafi:P

  7. Maioush Says:

    Red Rose: yalla 3o2bal ma nefra7 feeki ya amar :)
    Menna: allah ybarek feeki awal shii, tani shi ahbal fi 3eanek LOOOL, talet shi .. keef ra7 yetla3 aseer o 3ala meen bezabt?????????(fal allah wala falek) LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  8. im fadaouz Says:

    i enjoyed reading your announcement and comments about your coming baby cousin(s). thank you!

    i’ll give you an updated picture for the babies soon.

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