14 Responses to “IT WILL BE ALL RIGHT”

  1. sel3 Says:

    do you think so?

  2. Qwaider قويدر Says:


  3. Batoul Says:

    ok get real lol…. you’re screwed and you can’t rationalize that :P

  4. mab3oos Says:

    وبعدين، شو صار؟

  5. Jasim Says:

    I really hope so. ~sigh~

  6. Sharifo Says:

    Yes,it will be just fine,
    it’s always like this
    and if not,
    there is enough ice cream to fix anything :P

  7. Qabbani Says:

    yeah yeah keep telling me that

  8. wonders Says:

    that’s what keeps me going

  9. Lost Within Says:

    Inshallah :)

  10. nido Says:

    Of course it will :D Inshallah!!

  11. Noura Says:

    ma tez3ali wala shi, iza minshan el diet, khalas we don’t need it ;)but whatever you decide we will be supporting you :)

  12. yfa Says:

    Just go at it head on!

  13. Gemini Girl Says:

    yeah, it will be all right

  14. jumana Says:

    everything is going to be just fine

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