BAJO- Jordanian Songs… Happy Post :)

Happy Blog About Day everybody.. :) Allow me to say, that this day was and still amazing, I can’t believe how everybody got together and blogged about Jordan, I mean I was so excited that I slept for one hour LOL! I look like a walking zombie :D but I don’t care.. I’m just so happy.

Now for the good part… I was looking around for some happy songs and I found a lot of them I was about to dance in the office while hearing them LOL!

And the Clasical :D

Again.. Thank you all, Thank you for making this event so great, Thank you for making me feel like home again, today is very special and you guys proved that you are the best .. ALL OF YOU! :D

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  1. nido Says:

    dancing in the office?!?!?! calm down Maioush:DD hehehe…
    I still am reading these posts about Jordan…It’s gonna take a while…but it’s worth it!
    I can imagine how hard it was for you to sleep last night, making sure not to miss a single post:D

  2. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    WOW! Nice compilation of songs here .. I love them :)
    Now if there was a way to chain one to the next without me having to click on play for every one :)

  3. Batoul Says:

    I was looking forward to someone putting “ya sa3d law tshoufa” as a song lool… nobody did :( That song is my #1 jordanian song.
    Bas seriously, these were good!! and dancy omg. lol

  4. Lulu Says:

    Thank you for the nice post.

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  6. yfa Says:

    I really loved the last video! Wow! I wonder if there is a mp3 available anywhere?

    And yeah, it was very nice that many bloggers came together today to show their love for a great country.

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