Finding Peace, Inner peace…

Knowing one’s self, both the good and the bad, and understanding none of us are perfect, and allowing for and forgiving yourself for shortcomings. An acceptance of things as they are, and accepting the inability to change another person. No matter how badly you want to, you don’t have that power. The ability to treat […]

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عاد إلى قواعده سالما

YES my dad is back.. I’m so happy… :D He got home last night at 12:30am, once I opened the door and he hugged me like he hasn’t seen me for years and years -keefek Mai ya amoora? – (big smile) el 7amdolla meshta2alak kteeeeeeeeer, enta keef 7alak? I don’t know why but for some […]

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A Smile To My Lips

You just brought a smile to my lips. One I’d needed for awhile. Do you know how the teasing laughter made my load lighter and made my steps a little easier to take? Talking with you helped me forget the troubles that have been walking beside me. You helped me leave them behind for awhile. […]

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In our memories.. Feb.7.1999

I kow its a little too late for this, but the reason why is because I wasn’t planing to post about it, it makes me really sad to remember Feb 7th.1999 .. It was “The Death of King Hussein of Jordan” After months of treatment for lymph cancer, the cause of death was heart failure, said […]

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Look around you.. its a nice day!!!

Today was a nice day, although nothing really special happened, I woke up at 5:00am and that’s BAAAAAD because I had to be in the office at 6:30am and  I usually start at 8:00am :s , we had a medical class and I was suppose to meet the speaker before the rest of the doctors […]

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Small Details…

Do you ever feel forgotten? Like no one in the world cares? Are there times when it seems not a solitary person is there when you need them? Do you feel, more than anything else, a longing to be hugged and told that it will get better? Do you ever wonder why bad things always […]

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Today I Can Make Choices

I can choose to let everything around me pull me down into the depths of self doubts and anger Or I can choose to find first the good in myself and those that surround me.  I can choose to see only the negative in the situation that presents itself to me Or I can look […]

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Basil.. Congratulation

In days like this, I really miss Jordan, I miss being around the people I love… Basil, my sweet brother graduated from Al Ahliyya Amman University, Faculty of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences… My little brother is now officially a Pharmacist :)   I wish for you Basil all the luck in the world, I wish […]

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Accident, NASEEB, and a phone call

Where should I start, I have a lot in mind… I have so many thing i want to yalk about… Let me start from last night… my brother’s friend had an accident right in front of our house at 1:30am, he was dropping my brother when a huge speeding car came from no where and hit the […]

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Why Does she Still Care?

You so cruelly let her go and turned your back on her and what you had shared together. So why does she still care?  You have punished her for loving you, for standing by you, for having faith in you and in you. So why does she still care?  You have turned what were very […]

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