The Oscar’s Overview…

914501304_1690742711.jpg So tonight was the Oscars night hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, she was extremely funny, she gave the Oscars a special taste this year, I loved Jon Stewart last year, but this year was different :)I spent the whole evening watching the Oscars, not because I wanted to as much as I didn’t have any thing else to do :)Any way, I decided to post this as an overview about the winners, and girls… I have some photos for some of the dresses, I’m not a fashion expert but I have an opinion about some of them :D

Here is an overview about the night:

1.Best Actress:Helen Mirren for her rule in “The Queen”thequeen3.jpg helen-mirren.jpg
1.Best Actor: Forest Whitaker for his rule in “The Last King Of Scotland” win_leadactor.jpg
1.Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Hudson for her rule in “Dream Girls”Jennefer had her jewels from Fred Leighton jazz things up with some “Effie” spirit.I hated the style, there is NO NEED fir the little jacket at all, and come on.. Pockets in a gown? She went too far… 79th_hudsonj_01.jpg
1.Best Supporting Actor:Alan Arkin for his rule in “Little Miss Sunshine” win_supportingactor.jpg

Now for the part I always wait every year… the dresses :D …

As I said, I’m not a fashion expert, but let’s take a look at few dresses; from the one o like the most to the one I like the least :)

79th_witherspoonr_01.jpg REESE WITHERSPOON in Olivier Theyskens for Nina Ricci with jewels from Van Cleef & Arpels.I LOVE LOVE LOVE her dress, very simple, the color is not very common, the details in it are very very beautiful, with straight sexy hair which she just let it down to match the strapless dress, WOW, very elegant, very cute :)
79th_lopezj_02.jpg JENNIFER LOPEZ wears a Marchesa gown with Lorraine Schwartz jewelry.Jennifer looked like a roman goddess tonight.. these kind of colors had been her choice always it goes so good with her skin color, I really loved her dress, the jewelry came with it, so no need for any, hair style was very cute with the whole style, loved it.
79th_dionc_01.jpg CELINE DION wears a vintage James Galanos from Lilly et Cie on the red carpet, accented with De Grisogono cuff and jewels from Van Cleef & Arpels.The green she was wearing is just stunning, I adore this color on gowns, a little jewelry on the side made the dress perfect, she always had a great taste, very elegant , hair down, she looked very beauriful…
79th_kidmann_01.jpg NICOLE KIDMAN on the red carpet in Balenciaga.Every year Nicole proofs that a woman can wear any color and look PERFECT.. I loved the idea of the dress, very classy style for Nicole as always, she looks good what ever she does.
79th_bielj_01.jpg JESSICA BIEL in a gown by Oscar de la Renta, and jewelry from Neil Lane.Very simple, not too much of any thing, this is something you might see in an occasion this next summer, cute and simple.
79th_paltrowg_02a.jpg GWYNETH PALTROW wears a Zac Posen gown.Gwyneth Paltrow.She had the 30’s look wich I really like, hair on the side which match the 30’s look as well, nice.
79th_blanchettc_01.jpg CATE BLANCHETT in Giorgio Armani Privé – a silver one-shoulder Swarovski crystal mesh gown with tulle overlay and jet black paillette floral motif. Jewelry from Lorraine Schwartz.The little details in this dress are just stunning, what I like about this dress that it can actually match a darker skin too, very nice.
79th_cruzp_01.jpg PENELOPE CRUZ in a blush colored strapless Atelier Versace gown. The bustier is made from silk chiffon and the skirt is silk chiffon, organza and tulle. Her jewels are courtesy of Chopard and evening clutch from Daniel Swarovski.I’m not sure if I like this dress, it’s a little too much, I didn’t get the idea with the duck project down there, Hmmm, no I don’t really like it.

ok… its getting really late now, and tomorrow is Monday, I hate Mondays.. yalla Good Night Ana, and you you guys enjoy :D

5 Responses to “The Oscar’s Overview…”

  1. mala2e6 Says:


    ya3teeki il 3afeyeh..that was a very nice review..i recommend you for next years Academy awards fashion expert..

    hal2 a2olek..meen ana 7abbait

    kate blanchets dress..simple and elegant..i hatedjessica biel..(shoofi keef ba6enha m3allem..mish 7elo abadan..zee7o.nameemt 7areem)

    Rees kaman 7elo but since i hate this color ma ba2dar a3ale2..but i like her hair..

    Nicole ..REd..ba7ebbo ya baba..

    penelope troo7 ten6am heyeh w fos6anha..mkashlash zay fasateen il 3eed

    and jenneifer hudson..offfft.sho hal manzar..the dress and the jacket ka2ennah lammeh il khazaneh w tal3a..

    didnt like her on golden globe zay il habla..

    this year i read that actresses didn’t care much to make their dresses match the color of red carpet and chose all colors..

    of course they start choosing dresses for months if not for the whole year…and they make sure it is a secret

    notice the lack of jewelery..akh ya 3arab..if it was the cairo film festival kan shofti il alamazat w sebaq il tassalo7..asdi il tajawhor..

    all in all..i enjoyed ur review alot..and i am so angry i misse dit last nite coz i went to bed at 8:30 ma3 il seesan..

    thanks maioush

  2. Maioush Says:

    walahi ya mala2e6 eli masla7a b fashion expert el Oscar el jay, yalla.. sawa sawa bema enek a3teeti overview mn el a5er ya benti :D
    o 3an el jewelery fa yeah, most of them had it on the dress it self but didn’t wear any, which was neat, i liked it, and you what kaman, el makeup el saneh ya emma kteer awi ya emma kteeeeeeeeer na3em, and i loved the second choice tab3an.. glad you enjoyed.. o tab3eena el Oscar el jay :D

  3. Red Rose Says:

    Nicole Kidman: Awesome..she is fantastic in this dress.
    Penelope Cruise: Extravagant dress ;( I didn’t like it
    el ba2iyeen mashi 7alhom..ops I spend hours watching Fashion TV..I like this.. :)

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