I hate facebook!!


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  1. sel3 Says:

    completely true…

  2. sam Says:

    yeh so very true..*lol*

  3. Oriental Arabesque Says:

    LOOL..well..i partly agree..
    but it can be nice and useful depends on how do we use it..ya3ni like everything else in life ya Maioush.. :)

  4. 7aki Fadi Says:


  5. bakkouz Says:


  6. globalorama Says:

    do you want Arabs to stop using it?
    just mention the fact that its owner is Jewish and a whole boycott drive rolls on. the result would be more publicity and more facebook users…

  7. sweetlikearose Says:

    i hate it as well :)

  8. Mnoosh Says:

    3ade y3ne :???: zyo zy el hotmail ..

    i3mle delete m3nato :-o:

  9. ola Says:

    LOOOL good one! but I still love facebook :D it helps you reconnect

  10. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    I hate face book! Hey that’s my trademark!
    I also hate hi5, myspace and everyone of those crap networks!

  11. Dima Says:

    I love facebook..
    – Now it’s MUCH easier to stay in touch with everyone back home
    – no need to remember anyone’s e-mail address because I can simply write on their walls or send them a private message.
    – It brings all the relatives who are in different parts of the world closer
    – it’s the easiest, most convenient way to feel less isolated especially when you in a different continent!

  12. secratea Says:

    I love facebook ;))

  13. Maioush Says:

    Sam & Sel3:
    I know :D LOL!

    Oriental Arabesque:
    Sure, but this is just a comic :)

    7aki fadi:
    mnee7 enena da7aknaki :D

    I know :S

    I disn’t even know that the owner is Jewish walahi..

    Sweet like a rose:
    Sa7!! :)

    La haina metsalyeen :D

    True, bs I still hate it :)

    God me too!!

    Well, I’m glad that somebody likes it, I don’t really use it as much sara7a, I don’t know.. I just hate it, a lot of names I don’t really know, weird invitations.. too much!!

    O face book loves you too :)

  14. Na3ouri Says:

    بكرهه و ما بعرف اسوق عليه

  15. Maher Says:

    FaceBook? or should we say crapbook?
    actually i was a member for two weeks, then got sick of it and deactivated my acount!

    but doesnt facebook provides you with more privacy than hi5?

  16. Isam Says:

    facebook is like smoking … you cant quit it even if you want to :)

    hilarious caricature :) you should do more of those and start a website really …

  17. Jasim Says:

    Hell yeah coun’t me in :@ I hate it too.

  18. Diana Says:

    LOOOOOL. Good one! :D

  19. Tariq Says:

    Hi there..i was searching for any type of “I hate facebook” sarcasm..i found yours..absolutely loved it!!

    So..im going to post it on my blog..and ill refer to you, if you don’t mind..

    (i HOPE you don’t mind! – just in case you DO mind..go to my page and post a comment..and i will gladly remove it)

    Cheers :)

    Tee – Short for Tariq

  20. Maioush Says:

    That’s ok Tee :) i’m glad you liked it :)

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