Why should you have a GUY as a best friend..

During my life I’ve been the one known to hang out with guys more than girls, not because I grew up between 3 of them, and that had nothing to do with me being e tom boy (I’m not, don’t you dare say I am!!), girls, I love you so much, and I really enjoy hanging out with you, it’s so much fun, but I believe that guys can be better friends (although I can remember some cases where they were not) for very simple reasons


  1.  He would never steal the guy you like from you!!!

  2. A guy will keep your secret (although I can remember some exceptions).
  3. if you are going out together, and you are picking him up, you don’t’ have to wait 3 hours on the car waiting for him to get ready.
  4. When you ask him to do something, he does it!! And he does it right.
  5. He doesn’t gossip about other girls (unless he is gay).
  6. You don’t have to take the crap from him just because he is freakin PMSing!!
  7. he doesn’t cry like a baby when ever you face him about something you don’t like about him, or tell him that he did something wrong.
  8. If you have him as a project partner, you know that he will do his part completely, you don’t have to worry that you have to finish his part later just because he didn’t feel like it, or he was “busy” shopping.
  9. You don’t have to spend DAAAYS with him in the mall trying to pick a shirt to wear on a friend’s birthday.
  10. When you are carrying something heavy.. he is there :D .
  11. If you are not interested in what he is saying, all what you have to do is just say so, and he will stop immediately.
  12. When it comes to other guys (and I mean by that a guy you like), you can ask him, he is the best to help in these situations :) .. and he will tell you what you never thought of.
  13. He can hook you up with his friends ;) .
  14. He is a batter study buddy, you won’t waste your time on talking about stupid stuff, and end up getting a C.
  15. he is ok with you telling him that certain clothes doesn’t look good on him, there is no way he will think that you are saying so just because you are jealous of him.
  16. You can call for directions when you are lost, just describe 1 or 2 building, and he will locate you where ever you are.
  17. In genera,l they are betters drivers.
  18. He can change tires.
  19. You can sit with him for hours not talking, and he would be totally fine with it.
  20. He wouldn’t get offended because you forget his birthday.
  21. He wouldn’t freak out because he broke a heal, or chopped a nail.
  22. He doesn’t ask you every 2 minutes to check his hair.
  23. When you go out to eat, he wouldn’t keep nagging about his diet, and how he is being careful about what he eats, or worse… order SALAD till you lose you appetite to eat.
  24. There is a bug on the floor!!! No problem, don’t freak out, he’ll kill it
  25. Late night order.. you got it right, he is the one to call :)

The list will go on and on and on….  So if you have any updates, you are more than welcome to share it, this list is constantly updating :)

18 Responses to “Why should you have a GUY as a best friend..”

  1. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    و شهد شاهدٌ من اهلها! الحمد لله.. ظهر الحق و زهق الباطل.

    But #25 sounds like a booty call. :)

  2. secratea Says:

    most of your points are valid, but how often will you find a guy who will do all that just because you guys are friends? I always have a feeling that such guys befriend girls that way when they don’t have a serious relationship going on only.. if they do, bye bye girl– friends, especially services.. they will be saved for the g/f, fiance, or wife :D

  3. Dima Says:

    Guys can’t get jealous from you.

  4. sally Says:

    1.they won’t be jealous if u r pretier than them :D
    2.very great helper when it comes to car accidents or if u r out of bnzeen.
    3.if im scared at night i won’t call a girl (for sure)guys they r just more comfortabl to hang with ,kteeeer betamno kteer beray7o kteer beda7ko and u feel much safe with them.
    4.they value freindship alot more than girls ,
    i just can’t imajine life without them :)

  5. Ziad Says:

    Lak allah yonsor denek … finally … there is a girl in the world saying the truth … lak walla baddy a3mellek timsall … :)

  6. miss sea lover Says:

    lol, i agree only with 7, 9, 15, 17 and 23…lol…waaaaaaaal ya maioosh hai tel3oo el sabia bel marrah, heek…shamatee el 23da2 fena…:)

  7. Oriental Arabesque Says:

    LOOOOL Maioush. Well, you should thank your lucky starts if you could find a guy to relay on these days! A guy you can confidently call a friend and you know he wants nothing back from you in return! He just wanna be your friend.

    Let me whisper this in ur ear, some guys bugs you more than any girl in the world, some are supper naggers and they are simply a pain in the a$$

    don’t get me started! (well it’s obviously too late!!)

    I used to know one, who spends longer time in getting ready than any girl on the planet would require. He keeps on checking his hair and looks on any object that would reflect his image! and trust me you don’t wanna hear him while ordering his scrambled eggs for breakfast! God he used to get on every little tiny nerve of me!!
    some guys are too high maintenance more than any girl you’ve ever met!

    Oh and I didn’t mention the endless complains about how he’s craving junk food and how he pigged on a whole bar of chocolate the night before, right before going to bed!
    how he spends hours in the gym every single day because he can’t afford losing any inch of his killer muscles :p and how he only shops from Armani!! and can’t but wear a brand watches…and i’m not talking about any brands here…ya3ni it’s nothing less than a Gianfranco Ferré!

    lol ana shaklo kan albi m3abaa and ma sada2et bu2 elli 3andi :p :D

    Don’t get me started, I’ll spend days telling u about this!

  8. Qabbani Says:

    so this is something good for us??

  9. Qabbani Says:

    lady u overdose .. or ur so cute and all guys u met is good ppl

    are we like that !! may be :p

  10. 7usam Says:

    i keep doing No 21 just to make fun of it :D and in General its true
    by the way what girls hate about there female best friends, boys like it

  11. aya Says:

    ur right maioush …

  12. Maher Says:

    about number 4, does ex-girlfriends counts?

  13. Maioush Says:

    Yeah, ref2etkom arya7 la el ras.
    And maaaaan I meant by 25, chips, chocolate, .. you are bad!!

    I found one for my self, I thought that such characters don’t exist, but I actually found my best friend 8 years ago, and el 7amdolla, he is the best friend you can ever have :) .. he had multiple girl girlfriends over the years, never affected out friendship, I agree.. that doesn’t happen often.

    Totally true :

    Great points, now I’m not sure about the value, it’s the actions that makes different for me

    LOOOOOOOOOOL.. temsal marra wa7deh :D

    Miss sea lover:
    HAHAHAHA la mo bel marra, I can’t live without having girlfriends, bur I’m just saying you know :)

  14. Maioush Says:

    Oriental Arabesque:
    Yeah I guess I should those stars, cuz I have one walahi, and he is amazing.
    I agree with you about the bagging part, that’s why I said I have some exceptions :D
    And is that guy you mentioned gay?? LOOOOOOL cuz normal guys don’t do that LOOOOOOOOL

    Yeah Qabbani, some guys are like that, but please don’t forget the exceptions I mentioned :)

    like what? U wanna wait in the for 3 hours for your friend to get ready :D LOOOOL

    For me it does, for others, maybe not :)

  15. afaf Says:

    my best friend is a guy, but not cuz of what u said, he is simply different, and has so many good things about him that i have him as my best friend, but when ur best friend gets married, it is a total different story…it doesnot mean that he will change or not, but u just keep distance cuz u donot want his wife to get paranoid about ur friendship…but for me, still i keep him as my best friend, and even if we talk like every few months or even years, we simply pick up as if we just spoke the nite b4…Guys!they r simply good at being best friends!!! and the list goes on and on…
    peace to all…

  16. kinziblogs Says:

    Cute, Mai! But does that work in Jordan as well as it does in the US?

  17. Oriental Arabesque Says:

    LOO Maisouh..i would love him to hear that (being gay) but i knew him well enough to assure u he’s not even close..lol…but he’s just toooooooo self centered and selfish :)

  18. Ziad Says:

    shoo ya Oriental Arabesque … shoo halhojom al3aneef 3la alshabab … shaklo 2albik malian mnhon …
    by the way … as Maioush said … the guy u r talking about is definitely GAY … so be cool … he is not dangerous :evil face: … so Maiuosh .. pls. tell Mais that life without guys is just like eating eggs without salt …. :p
    and really u deserve temsal … brave girl … ;)

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