Where did you grow up??

If you are between the age 20 and 30 and you grow up in Kuwait just like me, then you definitely know these cartoons, and yeah .. I don’t mean Grendizer or Gonger, everybody knows these 2 characters by now, I mean the real stuff, the cartoon I’ve never seen in Jordan. I’m not really sure if any of these cartoons were on the Jordanian TV, so if anybody knows it please let me know.

For now enjoy the best cartoon ever :)

Let’s start with Bombo, the fun car…

Then we have Toota from Mars, she is such a cuteeee :D

Ninja, I used to like the guy in the long hair, although he is the mean one :)

Floooooooooooonaaaaaaaaaa, my favorite :) , my mom used to call me that for along time .. I love floona :)

And last but nit least LOLO Al-Sa’3eera

La la la la .. LOOOOOLOOOOOO :D HAHAHAHA I never memorized the song, I only had to song the LOOOOOOOOOOLOOOOOOOO part :D …

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  1. bakkouz Says:

    I remember flona and lulu but don’t recognize the first three, I guess they didn’t show them on Jordan TV :P

  2. Oriental Arabesque Says:

    well i lived in UAE but i remember ALL of them pretty well :)

    Flona was my favorite ever…and el sanafer came next ..i still like to watch them till today ;)

  3. Maioush Says:

    LOL! yeah :) i used to ask my friends about these cartoons, and they don’t know it.. i wish i can find some CD’s for it, those cartoons are great i’m telling you man… jad must see :D

    Oriental Arabesque:
    ma azkaaaaaki… yeah thses are the gulf cartoons, UAE, Kuwait, KSA, Qatar.. i guess we all know it
    and don’t let me start about el sanafer :D .. wella sanshero, labeeba, el ara7ala el sa’3eer… god my list never ends :D

  4. sam Says:

    i used to watch fiona and lulu in lebanon..sanafer and labeeba and the era7ala elsageer…haidi too…and rimi elsageer..that was my favourite….for a while lulu elsageera was on tv in canada..it was a lot nicer in english..stupid family channel they do not put it on anymore..i wanted to order all those cartoons online “for my kids” (me)

  5. afaf Says:

    wow…u brougtht back alot of memory…yeah i remember mom used to call me floona too, just cuz my eye brows look the same…so funny…
    how come u didnot mention lady, lady and sally….mom loved to watch sally and believe it or not, she used to cry while watching…so sad story…
    thanx for the blast from the past, mai…
    peace to all…

  6. Mnoosh Says:

    metzakre lolo o fluna :D

    kan brnamej ismo senan ya senan :P

  7. Hani Obaid Says:

    Funny you should bring this up, I went to the DVD store yesterday and found they have Zeina & Nahool, and al-hoot al-abyad (the white whale). I got them just for nostalgia’s sake.

  8. Qabbani Says:

    :D i remeber them all :D :D

  9. maher Says:

    Mai these are amazing ones! i loved Ninja!
    bas my fav was…

  10. Maioush Says:

    LOOOOOL you are so cool :) , plz when u find those let me know for my “little brother” ;)

    You are a floona too :D LOOOOOOL! She keeps calling me that cuz I love kids, why were u floona? :) well, lady lady and sally are Jordanian cartoons, I was looking for some of the cartoons I used to watch back in Kuwait :)

    Senan bamoot 3aleah :D
    Senaaaaaano ya seenaaaaaaaaaaa ya ya 5ayr al asdeqaaaaaaaaa2 , fi el ‘3aaaabate el 5adraaaaaaaaaaa2, senaaaaaaano ya seenaaaaaaaaaaaan :D

    Man you are cool :D , I wanna copy of both, I LOVE zeinao na7ool, I grew upon them besides basher the bee :D AWW!! Cute !! :D

    That’s so cool , bravo :)

    Shansheeeeeeeroooooo!!! LOL! I love that tooo, you guts are cool :D

  11. Gradly Says:

    I remember floona (a Robinson Crusoe imitating) very well, i don’t know about the others.

  12. Yazan Ashqar Says:

    Great old Shows! i favourite was ninja,,or kabamaro,,ya2kol el shawman wala yashba3!

  13. Maioush Says:

    that means you didn’t grew up in Kuwait, these are gulf cartoons

    welcome to Maioush, you love ninja so much.. he is great :)

  14. RENEE Says:

    I am an ANIME FREAK!!!! I gre up in UAE and remember all of them although I am not fluent in speaking Arabic. I loved Treasure Island (Jazeerat al Kanz) and Hikayat Al Alamiya as well as my favourate Zeina & Nahool. Could someone PLEASE PLEASE let me know the English titles of “Hikayat Al Alamiya” and “Zeina & Nahool” so that I could look for the DVD’s here in Canada?
    I wopuld greatly appreciate it.
    I have been hunting for the original names for years!

  15. RENEE Says:

    Sorry about the Type-o above:
    gre = grew
    wopuld = would

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