Settling for less!!

Every day I discuss this matter with someone, I start to get it more and more, the fact that the dream girl for guys is the super model who can cook, great with kids, well educated, doesn’t spend his money, and love him forever more than the whole world.

Girls dream is a handsome guy, with a lot of money, who knows everything about women, open minded, romantic, blah blah blah.. and the list goes on and on and on …

Now let me see, both of these characters .. Hmmm how do I say that.. IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND!!!  So now what??  You start to settle for less.  ops…  did I say less??  I hope nobody is hurt by that, well even if you are, deal with it, that is a fact!! Yes less, you are less, I am less, I have no problem saying it, it’s not like I don’t have self confidence!! God only know how confident I am, I know I’m not perfect, BUT SO WHAT!!!

Back to the subject, The next question is, if you know for a fact that your partner has settled for less, how do you feel about that, when a woman in a bikini suit passes by your husband, and you can see it that the guy is going crazy, when you are watching a movie for George Clooney, and your wife has no idea what the movie is talking about, as long as Clooney is there, what would you do? Should we accept the fact that these people are way out of our league, and it’s ok for these things to happen? Or is it really when you love someone so much you look at him/her as the most beautiful/handsome person in the whole world? NAAAAAAAH whom am I kidding, there is no such a thing, that happens only in movies, and this here is real life.

Ok until now, I didn’t really find the answer I’m looking for, god I hate it when my brain thinks about a million thing at the same time, I’m arguing with my self here and still didn’t say what I’m actually trying to say.. EFT!!! I hate Gemini…  

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  1. Qabbani Says:


  2. Jumana Says:

    I love Gemini :)

    nice post

  3. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    HEEEEYYYYYY!!!! You can’t copy me like that!!!That’s what I keep saying and I only I said this like a gazillion (and one) times before
    It’s not Gemini, it’s the full moon! Get your head examined or something … Cheater!

  4. globalorama Says:

    I am tall, dark, and handsome :). romantic, with money, educated, sensitive (in a manly way!), cheerful, understanding, and know my way with tools. I ride, drive, bike, and like to walk by the water. I am a trilingual, bald by choice, and race/color-blind. I cook ( magloubeh, mansaf, warag o kousa, bamia, fasoulia, mloukhieh, makhsi, and even tacos, tamales, and tortas). I am great with kids, other cultures (indians and asians included!) and people in general. I respect others’ opinions (except those that have a knack for always disagreeing). do I fit the bill?

    p.s. I know that مادح نفسه كذاب

  5. maioush Says:


    O el Gemini be7ebooki Kaman ;) … glad you like it

    LOL! I knew you would say that :D … ma ana telmeeztak ya basha, ya3ni eza ma t3almna menak, mn meen bedna net3allam :D.. I agree, this post sounds a little “Qwaideresh” , but I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about it, I guess it is the full moon!! :)
    I’m not a cheater, I’m a good student, you should be proud of me :)

    LOOOOOOOOOOL! Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan , you cracked me up :D LOOOOOOOOOOOOL .. mesh tabee3i :D
    And yes my dear, made7 nafso….. ;)

  6. miss sea lover Says:

    maioush…lol…i agree with goerg cloony part…lol…u know…for women, when we r in love, we can’t see any one better than the person we love..even goerg…
    i think that knowing that u’ll never get the 100% man of ur dreams is 1st step to find him, other wise u’ll spend ur whole life looking, cuz he is never ther..!!

  7. Isam Says:

    Just because Clooney has good looks (ok Great ;) ) doesnt mean that a girl will be happy with him … its all about happiness … or the persuit of it for that matter … when i think about Miss perfect and imagine her to be in such and such ways … i dont do that because i want to show off and say i have Miss perfect in my arm here … its because i want to be happy … and as teenagers or twinteegers we think that such characteristics (beauty , education, money) should ensure that we will be happy … then we find out that alot of that is irrelevant … and its other things are more important like mutual understanding, harmony and selflessness … among other of course …

  8. hamede Says:

    Elly berda be 3eesh.

  9. afaf Says:

    wow…globalrama seems perfect a 100%…girls go for it….

    well, lets face it, the person of ur dream cannot be fixed, i mean it changes by time, u grow up and the man of ur dream changes too…it s a fact, ppl change and standards do change too…what works for u now maynot work for u in few years and so on…with age we gain wisdom, maturity and experience…they all get cooked in our brains for sometime and then we change our prespectives…
    and it is not love that makes u see ur spouse the best in this world…what comes with marraige is more powerful feeling, it is called 3eshreh, it is much stronger and vital than love, believe it or not, that is what kept our parents and grandparents together all these years happily married…why cuz they simply had that feeling for one another…3eshreh will make u care, love, respect and cherish ur spouse as long this 3eshreh stays with u…and it grows stronger by time and they bond more and more everyday….it is like falling with ur spouse everysingle day all over again… it is a great feeling and yet needs to be taken care of….
    so again, yes noone is perfect, but we can make it perfect just for us, in so many ways…and again i donot mean being self deceived about it…
    and remember, u cannto always have what u love, but u certainly can love what u have and this is the secret for the happy life, single of married….
    ofcourse what i said doesnto even start to answer ur delimma, but it is a beginning, dear….much more to come from others…
    peace to all…

  10. bara2 Says:

    u know what?? this issue is so complicated … u are talking about people .. .. ana kaman hada mawdoo3 m7ayarne and the answer ele eja bbale eno : wana male ??
    5ayr elkalam ma qal w dal … 5ode esma3elek o3’neyet mos6afa 2amar basalem 3laik :)

  11. maioush Says:

    Miss Sea Lover:
    We agree on George Clooney, I love u :)
    We all know that we will not get the 100% man but are you willing to accept the fact that you r not his 100%woman as well?

    I’ll be happy with Clooney :D
    And yeah my dear, you still live in your dreams :) .. all these things matters, what you just mentioned is a plus, so good luck , I’ll ask you this question again after you get married :D


    I like what you said “you can’t have what you love, but you can love what you have” ….
    This is exactly what is happening.. that opened a new door for me to wonder about, you comments are always special just like you afaf, thanks

    Waleeeeeeeeeeeeee, weanek??? I miss you ya bent!!!
    LOOOOOOOL yeslamo 3ala el song walahi enti elli wa7ashteeni , jad zaman 3annek!!!

  12. afaf Says:

    mai, i am really touched, thank u dear

  13. Luai Says:

    I don’t think it is really settling for anything. As we get older I think priorities change and characteristics some would have classifed near the top and non-negotiable on their “list” for a mate, are now things that they might say are not important or they could now overlook. Some may call that settling, but I call it gaining wisdom. Other things may have disappeared altogether from the list. I think it all has to do with timing…and not necessarily the time showing on one’s biological clock. I would guess that most of the things people wanted, no matter what, and found in their dream mate, wouldn’t sustain the marriage in rough times. What if the person they married had a gambling problem and lost all the couple’s money one night, would she/he leave them? What if their bank accounts were milked dry and were left with zero? What if one partner suffered horrifying burns to the their face, would the spouse leave them? Or if they were involved in a bad car accident and left paralyzed? When trouble comes knocking and the tough times begin, and I beleive they will in any marriage, will looks, money, the fact that he wined and dined her, bought her everything she ever wanted, or has a PhD from Harvard…….will those save the marriage. Those that will should be at the top of our lists.

    And George really isn’t all that…..cause if he was then he’d be married….and don’t tell me it because he hasn’t met you yet Maioush. ;-)

  14. maioush Says:

    Ok luai I see what you are talking about, but allow me to say, committing is a different issue from settling, once you are with that someone, I THINK that you already made your decision about your partner (in some how), and as Afaf said, el 3eshreh becomes a factor, and people do stay together (although I know some cases that didn’t), but the fact that when he/she choose one another, did they really met their matches or was it just for the fact that (Hmm, the the best of the worse case) I know that sounds a little bad, but my friend, I’ve seen with my own eyes, that some people actually think that way “I want X but he/she is way out of my league, and Y is available, he/she is not X, but he/she is available, I’ll learn how to like Y , but when ever there is an X , I keep wishing that he/she was available”
    I’m not sure if I said what I’m trying to say here, hope you got my point.
    And yea about Clooney, he definitely waiting for me LOOOL :D

  15. afaf Says:

    as for clooney, i guess he wants a piece from each pie he gets his hands on… why settle if u can be free and still get what marriage will give u for FREE….no strings attached…as simple as that…
    believe it or not, men r scared from committment due to many factors…i heard it from alot of ppl…they simply wanna be free…so maybe our clooney is one of those men after all…
    i see clooney handsome, but that is not all dear….there r other things we look for in our partners beyond the looks….
    peace to all…

  16. maioush Says:

    Afaf, you just described more than 99% of the guys I know, including my own brothers, all guys wants a piece of each pie my friend.
    I totally understand that it’s not about the look, I mentioned it as an example, but there are many other things that matters

  17. Abed Hamdan Says:

    Maioush :

    I’ve got a small rule: “I know there’s no way we can be perfect, but there are millions of ways in which we can be good.”

    ( I know I always come up with simple stupid solution to everything lol )

  18. Jumana Says:

    I have been thinking about your post and I really think that -as abd said- no one is perfect
    and I also believe that no one is “better”. I mean if u pick 2 people randomly…and if we agreed on the basics – ya3ni ma ykon wa7ed 7arami for example – I think that I “for instance’ will choose one over the other. I would feel that one of them is better.
    Thats because he suits me better…but I am sure that other one have things that I didn’t see but others will.
    I imagine we all “at the end” have a whole package…in one way or another. if X is handsome and rich than B might be good hearted and smart…etc

  19. maioush Says:

    I totally agree with that, I never said that less is bad
    And your solutions never been stupid :)

    I see your point, the part that making questioning the whole issue is the acceptance, will you accept it if you know that your partner settled for less, and still see X as the perfect thing, and the only reason is that X is totally out of his league?

  20. Isam Says:

    Mai you misunderstood me … i didnt say that Beauty, Education and money are not important … but they are not vital … in contrast with understanding and harmony … there are countless examples of Rich Handsome educated couples (read: Brad and Jennifer) who had everything … but it didnt work out for them … there are less examples of people who broke up because they we’re not beautiful enough or rich enough (unless the guy is bored of his wife after 10 years or the girl really likes shopping :P) …

    this is probably the last comment on your blog before i go on vacation … take care and we’ll talk again for sure …

  21. Mnoosh Says:

    3ayshe be fara3′ 3a6efe enti O_o?

    hehehehe j/k jeet asaleem 3leke, tzakartk wa2t el full moon :shy:

  22. Maioush Says:

    Yeah I see what you mean, and I agree with it, see Brad had Jennifer and still had an affair with Angelina, looks like mo matter what you have, you still wish for more… MEN!!!
    Have a great vacation my friend, enjoy your time

    LOOOOOOOOL fara’3e 3atefi meen ya benti :F ta7sheesh enti …
    Thanks for remembering me with the full moon :) that’s so sweet

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