Tire explosion, Call AAA

Today was a very weird day, let me start by saying that it’s been a long time since I wrote a personal post, but I had to blog about this, I had to, had to…I was driving back from a job interview (and I did pretty good if you are interested to know) , all of a sudden I heard an explosion, I didn’t really realize that it was me until the car started going right and left like crazy, I started to panic “ok Mai, just slow down and push on break” god dement when I pushed the break the car went to the opposite way, and that’s exactly when I started saying my prayers.. it was the longest 30 seconds inmy whole life!!

Thank god I was able to control the car, I managed to stop finally, I froze for like 20 minutes until I understood that I really have to do something right now. I called AAA and thank god they were there within 10 minutes.

A guy comes down the truck, Hmmm!! He looks so … Arabic, but again there are a lot of people who looks like us, yet they are not.

He asks me for my driver’s license, he looked at for a long time, I was thinking “is there something wrong”, the guys go to the truck to verify my information, and comes back with a big smile on his face.

-so Miss Mai, what part of Jordan are you from??

-WHAT??? I MEAN EXCUSE ME?? How did you…

– ::laughing:: LOL! From your last name, it’s hard to miss :D

-aaaaaaah!! So you are from Jordan too??

Turned out, the guy is from Salt, LOL! Among aaaaaaalllll the Californian, my AAA service guy is from Salt… I was really shocked, but happy, we chit chat while he was fixing the tire, it was really interesting :) … hehe I love it when such a coincidence happen :D ..

I told mn el awal… it was a weird day .. :D

9 Responses to “Tire explosion, Call AAA”

  1. Qabbani Says:


    Kwees 3legti ma salti :P

    Garabh in some how , did he take ur mobile number ?

  2. Sharm Says:

    Congratulation , your vote wins the WUBA !

    The Award Link

  3. mohanned Says:

    El sal6 awwalan :D Bas enshalla bayyath wejehna?

  4. Hareega Says:

    IF he was really from Salt he should have stopped to help without being called

  5. Mnoosh Says:

    al7mdollah 3ala esalameh! :Hug:

    ya m7asen elsodaf :D

  6. afaf Says:

    ok, now u know why u have to slow down….for these weird things that can happen to u….el hamdellah 3ala salammeh, mai…allah ye7meekeee…
    peace to all….

  7. maioush Says:

    LOL! My mobile number??

    I’m so glad it did… congrats to my friend, he deserves it :)

    LOOOOL… bayyad wejhak mshi 7alo :D

    LOOOOOOOOOOOL… that’s hilarious , ana bardo olt heak :D

    Allah ysalem 3omrek 7abeebti … yeah sahyfeh balahi

    Yeah, that was the first thought hat went through my mind. El 7amdola I was driving slow!!!

  8. sam Says:

    im glad u r ok..that is scary! funny about the AAA guy…

  9. miss sea lover Says:

    7amdelah 3ala el salmeh…i guess it is nice to see someone from back home, when u r not expecting that…it is a great way to forget the situation u r in…again..7amdelah 3ala el salmeh..

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