High expectations ball !!!


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  1. Qabbani Says:


  2. Tamara Says:

    Loose the chian and live hepply ever after : )

  3. bambam Says:

    Hey i think ur onto something here with those simple comics :D
    keep it up

  4. aya Says:

    s7 100%

  5. 7aki Fadi Says:

    hey Mai, Just wanted to let you know that I am loving the comics.

    Keep it up :D I will be waiting for hte next one.

  6. afaf Says:

    My Motto….
    No expecetations…No disappointments….
    as simple as that…no one owes me athing and vice versa…
    peace to all….

  7. Manal Says:

    Don’t think a lot about this ball..it might be a ballon full with gas onlY not such heavy!

  8. Luai Says:

    Someone hacked your post and changed the word WIFE with Other people’s expectations! ;-)

  9. Jumana Says:

    very expressive!

  10. maioush Says:

    I know :(

    I wish my dear, I’m working on it walahi.
    Thanks :) , I’m really loving this drawing software, thanks for the support :)

    Welcome back 7abeebti.. I miss you

    7aki Fadi:
    thanks ya a7la 7aki enti,, ya raf3a ma3neweyati :D … kisses to little 7aki :)

    I wish I can do that, it’s kinda hard .. easier said than done walahi ya AFaf

    Walahi it’s not, it is heavy, but I guess that’s the case with all of us

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL man!!! You cracked me up :D .. you are something else walahi :D

    Thanks my dear, glad you like it

  11. mohanned Says:


  12. Mnoosh Says:

    just tell me abt it :(

    sheklo raiee7 3alay kteer eshya hon :s mabroook el WUB maioooooooooooooooush ! btestahale :)

    have a great day ;)

  13. miss sea lover Says:

    just cut the chain….believe u can…again, nice drawings…very…representitive

  14. maioush Says:

    hehe thanks man :)

    walek miss u ana … weanek??

    Miss Sea Lover:
    cut the chain? i wish i can… thanks for the support for the drawing :)

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