What’s the point of loving someone doesn’t feel you that way?? 

I mean why do people fall in love in the first place?

And if we did.. why would we keep this passionate feeling and have all this pain?

Isn’t it weird to have something hurt you and you just can’t let it go??

I believe sanity should lead us to happiness.. and avoid us from harm, it should help us find the right place, time, and most important, the right person but looks like we are all meant to find it in sanity, and love it!!

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  1. afaf Says:

    and what if u loved the right person at the right time and place and that someone left u after he locked ur heart and took the key away with him/her…or simply the right person took piece of ur heart with him/her, with no return…then what???
    Life is simply Unpredictible…so u will never know….again, love it a great thing and we let the skies to be our only limit….
    peace to all….

  2. secratea Says:

    No it is not weird to have the passionate feeling you are talking about towards a person that hurts you the most. It is common in relationships especially when you have an emtional person loving another, who is not even close to being emotional, that is exactly what you are talking about.

    well as for pain, humanbeing are highly complex, and I think for some reason we find joy in torturing ourselves, and therefore embrace pain. We know that this behavior is irrational, that always dwelling in an emotionally painful thought is not useful, but we do it anyways.. I think that emotions overpower reason and that’s why we remain in painful relationships

  3. maioush Says:

    I guess both situations are hard, as long as there is no care between both sides it will hurt like crazy …
    But again , we love to learn, and to carry this pain as a reminder I guess…

    Welcome to Maioush my dear as this is your first comment on my blog.
    I totally understand what you said, I can’t agree more, but I guess it’s not about being emotianl or not, it’s about the care that person carries for you in his/her heart, and the way he/she looks at you.
    Huge part of love is pain, I guess love without pain is not really love, we love pain, we look for it in away or another.

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