But guys if you wanna help, you are more than welcome to do so :)

Ok so, I’m need to do some shopping for few stuff, and girls I need your advice.

1. Foundation and powder:

I really care when it comes to the stuff I put directly on my face, I don’t care about the shadow, lip gloss, but I really need a good foundation and powder, my current ones are from BIOTHERM, but they decided that they want to be available online only in the states, and I can’t find my number anymore, so tome to change, I need something really light, and not oily, I have a normal skin el 7amdolla..  I HATE IT WHEN I look to a girls face and it’s so shiny, BIOTHERM were doing a great job, lasts for the whole day, and looks amazing, any recommendations for other brands??

2. Perfume:

My current perfume is Polo Sport from Ralph Lauren, I don’t like heavy perfumes, the lighter the better, I love perfumes that smells delicious ( I  like to smell like eshi zaki :) ) , I’ve been using it for almost 2 years, and I’m sick of it already, any recommendations on a cute zaki light perfume?

3. Black pants:

I need one decent black dressy pants for work, all my pats are HUGE!! I lost so much weight and I look funny now :(  I looked in so many places but didn’t find something that I really like, what do you think? Where should I go?

I really need to buy these 3 items, so to make things easier on you guys, I have no price limit, I just to find something that I really like, HELP


  1. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    Let me talk about perfumes for girls since it’s something I like
    1) Cinema (YSL), it’s awesome
    2) Escada Magnetism
    3) Lolita Lempika

    Don’t get the burberry or the hideous prada perfume they are crap

    (God there’s a ton more I just can’t remember them)

  2. anon Says:

    Perfume….Coolwater (old but nice), Curve (again old but nice), Eternity, Tommy Bahama, Issey Miyake.

  3. cookingtheeasyway Says:

    Maioush, i am a “cover girl” buyer…so check them out! they have many kind of foundations that will satisfy every taste and need.
    I have been using Nina for the past few months and it smells so good, good enough to eat! try it, and the bottle is round , reddish and has a stem like an apple leaf. i love it. check it out here:
    pants? not my specialty, i like jeans and that’s it!

  4. 7aki Fadi Says:

    1- I don’t use foundation so I can’t help but everybody loves Mac so check them out

    2- I LOVE perfume. There’s:
    a) She by Giorgio Armani, it is light but OMG sooooooooooooo amazing. This is my all time fave.
    b) there is actually a perfume called “delicious” , not too light but smells, well, delicious.
    c) Amore Amore (I think by cacharel) very yummy
    D) I disagree with Qwaider, Burberry CLASSIC is out of this world, but has to be classic.
    e) Not very light but just amazing: Very valantino (wearing it today), 1881 by cheroti and Angel ( LOVE IT).
    I own over 20 bottles of different perfumes, I just love perfumes.

    3- Because you are tall Jacob is for you, their dress pants fit taller people great.
    But pants are tough, good luck with that, if all fails you can buy a pair and go to a seamstress and let them adjust it for you.

  5. qwaider Says:

    Burberry is disgusting (from male’s) point of view. they’re too weird. Most people buy it for the brand name. Sorry, but I’m completely disgusted from burberry and Prada perfumes. They’re nasty.

    But I agree on She, it’s awesome, delicious is ok (more woman than girl), angel is too mangooey, 1881 is meh, not bad

    There was this diesel perfume that tasted like a bunch of fruits. I can’t remember it’s name but it was emm emm emm yummy!

  6. Batoul Says:

    Hey… ok i only wear coverup for occassions so dont take my word for granted but these products really work for me…:
    1. Loreal paris Visible Lift extra coverage line minimizing makeup – its a hand size tube that for $12 and from kohls, FLIRT! love & mattness oil-free pressed power. As for MAC, I heard they’re good with everything BUT coverup because they dry out your face.

    2. perfume: my personal favorites are cool water and very sexy for Victoria secret.

    3. Black pants: NY & co, Express, or The Limited.
    Good luckkkk!

  7. Isam Says:


    take my word … its not the only one i like but it totally fits ur description …

  8. Maioush Says:

    YAAAAAAAAAY!! thank you guys, i sure have a lot of perfumes to smell today :D
    cool, a man’s perspective, i appreciate it :)

    thanks a lot , i used to use cool water years ago, it’s light and cool :)

    thanks a lot, i was thinking of cover girl sara7a, but i wasn’t sure about it, I’ll try to look for some colors for me today.

    thaaanks, you gave me so many options :) god am i gonna be able to smell all these today? LOL!

    please try to remember the diessel one , PLEASE!

    7abeebti enti, i’m running to NY and co tonight :D

    thaks man, i’ll go and smell it tonight

  9. asoom Says:

    1. Prescriptives

    2. I’m really not a perfume person I’ve only owned a couple in my life, but I have a Diesel and a Gucci that smell really good (I don’t even remember their names)

    3. Black dress pants are a pretty basic item-I recommend that every girl has a couple of these just like jeans. It’s hard to recommend specific brands without knowing your taste or body type. My favorite are a pair of skinny black pants that I got from the Gap. Also, The limited has a couple of different fits so you should be able to find something there you like-their Drew fits me perfectly.

    Good Luck!

  10. Simply Me Says:

    I will give my recommendations for perfume only :$ cause im not so sure about the rest! I don’t use foundation, and no idea about the black pants..

    ck – euphoria.. or Clinique- Happy :)

  11. Maioush Says:

    a5 ya Asoom, the black pants is the hardest walahi, i’m tall and under wight, skinny pants makes me look SO TALL ( like a stick if you may say), so i’m looking for something that can cover that, but a baggy one, any advice??

    Happy tab3am :D yeslamo kteer!

  12. Tala Says:

    Maioush, here is my list:

    powders and foundations, ma bafham, but i know clinique is a good brand

    Perfumes, i fell for two, Nina, im currently using it, i love it and there is one called Angel by Thierry Mugler, its heavy, so if you liked it, get the body cream, and recently i got Hugo XX , its pretty cool too

    dressy black pants, check with BHS, they have standard black formal cuts, reasonable prices and it lasts

  13. Maioush Says:

    yeslamo kteeeeeeeeer :)
    i tried Clinique couple of years ago, it didn’t work at all on my skin, very heavy and leaves marks every where and on every single shirt!!

    as for the perfume and the pants YESLAMO :D i’ll check it inshalla :D

  14. 7aki Fadi Says:

    Qwaider: Not every man has the same taste.

    And Angel is Guava based not Mango based :-P

    Maioush: Try the gap also, they have nice tall pants, I forgot about the gap.

  15. asoom Says:

    aahhhhhh you’re like my sister then. She’s a couple of inches taller than me and fluctuates between a size zero to doublezero, so she’s a stick.

    She just got a pair of black pants from Guess that fit her nicely-I think Guess is good for stick-like bodies since my skinny cousins love Guess, but I don’t have the same luck there. Do you have a Guess store in the mall near you?

  16. Maioush Says:

    Gap, thank god that the mall i’m gping to tonight has most of the stores that you guys mentioned :D

    yeah we do, we have a huge mall close to my office, i’ll going right after work, but i’m not a size zero :D i’m a little heavier than that, i’m size 4 walahi, but because i’m 5’11 you can’t really tell ;) but yeah, i have this amazing pants i brought with me from London, but it’s size 8 :( no way i can wear that now!

  17. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    7aki … you’re right … younger guys have different taste

  18. Dana Says:

    Bare Escentuals have good makeup that’s 100% minerals with no irritants so it’s good for your skin ( I feel like a commercial lol) they have a website, check it out.
    If you’re into delicious perfumes I recommend Amour by Kenzo, it’s a little fruity, a little powdery, really unique IMO. Femme by Hugo Boss is another option, very light and feminine, but not fruity.

  19. Sara7a Ra7a Says:

    Maioush, Try the following:

    1. Foundation: Clinique, it’s very good, cream like and full of vitamins, your skin breaths, and it’s not glossy at all. Here’s another tip, I actually use their compact powder instead of concealor for the under eyes areas, looks so natural. If you live in Amman, go to their agent in Mecca St. Jaber Complex, their name is SAMCO, very nice people there.

    2. Perfume: hmmmmm, I’ve been a Dazzling Gold person for over 5 years, but it was discontinoued spring last year, so I went on a huge perfume hunt and the results were: Kenzo flower (fruity, smells nice and clean), Miracle – Lancome (girly, flirty, fruity), Hypnose – Lancome (has a bit of spice in it, but very subtle and nice), and I settled on Irrisistable… It is REALLY that.

    3. I saw a while ago at BCBG Azaria a great pants, I think they will suite you great. They are slimish on top, but very wide at the ancle… they are VERY stylish… different, and sexy… I think they were 170 JD, but if you’re going to wear them every day for work, it’s worth the investment. I have seen pants similar to the idea but not exactly at Zara, MNG, and Stefannel. Much cheaper I would say.

    Keep us posted.

  20. wonders Says:

    Hey girl :) can’t help you with the pants coz i live on the other half of the world lol don’t know if this would help but i got mine from KOTON 2 months back.

    I don’t use foundation, i have the cover girl compaq which is just OK, i only use it on occaisions

    Perfumes! currently i have two, Hugo deep purple and Boss femme, both are very light and fresh.
    Amor Amor as suggested by 7aki is one i had a while back, loved it!
    for something sweet and yummy try a perfume by Nina Ricci that looks like an apple but i forgot the name

    And most of all…………….. GOOD LUCK!! ;)

  21. Diana Says:

    I agree with Dima on Euphoria, it’s very delicious, and for summer, the new fresh Chance by Chanel. I loved it!

  22. Oriental Arabesque Says:


    I’m not sure if u have the same brands…but generally speaking for classis cuts and for black pants for the office i go for either Kookai or Marks & Spencer (both are great quaility and amazing fabrics…everytime i send them to the dry cleaner they just look brand new)

    -Perfumes, i like:
    The One from Dolce & Gabanna (using it for the mornings these days)
    Chance by Chanel is also sweet and fresh
    Romance Ralph Lauren a bit old but nice
    Coco Mademoiselle Chanel is lovely

    i’m using Clarins Matte Foundation and it’s amazing..lasts all day..very light on the skin
    Clarins is a great brand…i love all their products..
    I also used Dior before that one and was happy with it

    Good Luck…just keep us updated :)

  23. Maioush Says:

    LOL! You did sound like a commercial to them :)
    You made me feel like going to the mall right now to smell that perfume you talked about, yeslamo kteer :)

    Sara7a Ra7a:
    I tried Clinique, but it didn’t work with me al all. It leaves a spot on every single shirt I wear, and I feel it a little heavy.
    I have Kenzo flower, it setting there in my drawer, never used it, but I’ll make sure to smell the other ones :)
    And 170JD for pants!! I’m the states not in Jordan, so I’ll look for some place here maybe
    Yeslamo kteeeeeeeeeeer kteeeeeeeeeeer :) and I’ll keep you posted akeed!

    Hugo and Boss, I love both of them, you are right they are light, and I’ll look for the Nina Ricci one, I have a lot of work to do now, I’ll make Saturday the perfume shopping day :)

    First of, welcome to Maioush :)
    I already added that perfume on my list to smell on Saturday inshalla. Yeslamo kteer :)

    Oriental Arabesque:
    Yeslamo ya amar, I’m not sure if we have the places you mentioned for pants, but I’ll look.
    The perfume options, ed3eeli ma adoo5 next Saturday, cuz I wanna smell all those :D , as for the makeup, I think we only have Dior, so I’ll try to look for it as well. Yeslamo my dear :D ::kiss kiss::

  24. Tamara Says:

    Well I love perfume, disagree with Q burrbery as a brand it has some nice stuff, my all time favorite which I’m using now is bulgary pur femme, its not the newest thing out there but I love it, and Nina R usually has great stuff, I used happy by clinique for a while and its light and fresh.

    As for foundation I would try the Mac or clinique,my advice thogh go to the shops and sample especially for the perfume, I feel perfumes smell different on different people. let us know what you get : )

  25. Maioush Says:

    i have so many options now, i was planning to go tonight but decided to go Saturday, cuz i have to choose from do many options :)
    everybody has been recommending Clinique, it doesn’t spot on you shirts?? it never lasts on my skin for some reason, that’s when i decided to switch to Biotherm, but i’ll see what they have, looks like they are different now :)
    yeslamoooooooooooo :D

  26. Noura Says:

    I hope am not late :D
    Foundation go for cover girl or clinique, fairly priced and they don’t make the skin shiny or oily..

    Perfume: I use Knowing by estee lauder, light and not overwhelming..Am forced to pick the lightest of smells because the weather here in Florida is hot, sticky with 100% humidity most of smells made me nauseaous so I found that products from “bath and body work” were perfect, light but fresh and you can re-apply throughout the day..I purchased recently “Cherry blossom” body spray and lotion and “Pomegranate” body cream. They smell really nice..this another option ..
    as for pants, good luck :D

  27. Maioush Says:

    you not late my dear, i’ll be going on Saturday inshalla, cuz after all these options i’m gonna need the whole day shopping :D

  28. Jumana Says:

    my favorite prefume is “beyond paradise”…

  29. Jumana Says:

  30. Maher Says:

    how in the blue hell i missed this one…!!

    for females…the LIGHT BLUE is soooo amaziiinnnnngg!!!!
    you feel like eating the other person…

  31. unkown Says:

    الله يهدي بالكم يا رب

  32. ranooshitika Says:

    maybelen Dream matt moose is very very good and clinique is also very good .
    perfume…hmmmm…escada is nice i used 2 love escada pasific paradise but they dont make anymore its a season thing .
    victoria secret has some good bady splashes i use them all the time

  33. salma Says:

    i wana know where to find victoria secrets products in amman?can u help me?

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