Look To The Sky

Can you feel me close?

Look to the sky and see the stars shining down on you.

As they do, they shower you with my warmth and love.


Can you feel my hand? Look to the sky and see the moon’s soft glow.

It’s caress is my hand gently nestling itself in yours.


Can you feel my heart’s smile?

Look to the sky and see the sun, feel it’s heat on your face.

It’s radiant kiss is my heart surrounding and protecting yours with my love.


Whenever the distance seems to great, look to the sky.

And know that what my eyes see also passes through yours, and makes the miles seem not so great and never so much that we cannot reach out and touch with our hearts.

8 Responses to “Look To The Sky”

  1. chikapappi Says:

    awwwww… that’s cuuute :$

  2. Maioush Says:

    AWWW enti elli fazee3a Chika :D i mean you responses are SOOOOOOO fast girl :)

  3. Jumana Says:

    kteer nice :)

  4. wonders Says:

    very dreamy and sweet :)

  5. mr.anonymous Says:

    stop haunting me lady! “closes curtains and hides away from the window”

  6. Maher Says:

    So..another blogger is obviously high on something..
    Lem 7alak i know! LoL

    Nice poem..

    (btw…msg sent) :P

  7. Maioush Says:

    SAAANK U! :D

    dearmy.. that’s true :)

    LOL!! o can’t i can’t.. ba7ebbo ya baba!! :D

    LEM 7ALAK!! :D Sanks!

  8. rose Says:

    its so romantic

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