Can’t let go…

I’m a stubborn person and I’ll probably always be one. The easiest thing to do is to tell me that I can’t do something and I will do it. That, except climb mount Everest (hah!). Nah, it’s true what a friend said before, if I really cared I would have done something about it and […]

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The Art of Compromise

Many people mistake the act of compromise as selling-out or giving in. Compromise to them means giving up something. In actuality if you stay true to the real definition of compromise you will gain a relationship free of petty battles. You will learn how to co-exist in a loving and appreciative way. So, what does […]

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The first pregnant man!! Full Videos included..

Well, where do I start?? I read at Dino$ about this and I felt like “I have to watch this”. After I watch it, it didn’t turn out that surprising as “Thomas” used to be “Tracy” so practically, he/she is a woman, his/her organs are a woman’s organs from the inside, so there is no […]

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و يا ريحة ياسمين الدار

  I was sooooooo happy last night as I was walking around the office before going home; I discovered something almost brought tears to my eyes, Yasmeen :) Yasmeen (jasmine) is one of the things that remind me of Jordan a lot, out old house was surrounded by it, I remember when I was a […]

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Ten Random Things about Maioush, oh god, not again :D

 Princess N tagged me (thanks sweetie, I’m late i know) :) , as well as Wonders (my apologies sweets, i lost track :( ) The rules are: 1. Post 10 random things about yourself, 2. Choose 5 people to tag and a reason you chose each person 3. Leave them each a comment directing them […]

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