Platonic love, myth or reality?

Well, I personally believe that it may exist but only between two people who are completely and utterly unattracted to each other. I bring in this case my friend and I. He insists on not being named, because he’s a major jerk. He and I have known each other for about 8 years now which is a pretty long time if you think about it. We’ve done the whole hours on the phone, went out together, studied together (and that iwas more than 10 hours a day thing), graduated together and we’ve fought like a crazy psychotic people before. The thing is, at least on my end, I am utterly not attracted to him at all. It’s not such a bad thing, I’m not insulting him, he’s an awesome guy it’s just that I don’t have feelings for him in that way.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has a really solid friend who is of the opposite sex. Any takers, anyone?

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  1. haniobaid Says:

    I’ve been there, but only once when I was too young to notice anything else.

    Not to say that a man doesn’t appreciate the other aspects of a woman, but the sexual and physical attraction normally come first (for women too I think).

    Of course this isn’t always the case. One particular woman I have been fond of was initially unattractive to me then once I got to know her, and she introduced me to her ability to instantly make the room seem brighter, she became very attractive.

  2. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    You gotta watch when harry met sally!
    Women have two buckets, friend, and lover!
    It is usually catastrophic moving a person from one bucket to the other.
    Men don’t have such buckets, they have a pole, every woman registers a specific degree on that pole, and the higher she is the more sexually attracted the man is to her
    So every woman, no matter how ugly, is on that pole, it will require a greater amount of alcohol to get to the ones on the lower side of the pole, but men will get to them eventually!

  3. Nada Says:

    I agree with Maioush, i have been there once, and i am still there actually, it is when u like a person so much, and he is too good to be true, he knows too much about u, u trust him with ur life, and u know he will be there when you need him, still, you just can’t “LOVE” him, sounds weird, but it could be that there is no sexual attraction from your part to this person, and not even the biggest amount of alcohol would make you do it, but he is still a part of your life that you cannot live without…sounds crazy….”Crazy Women”

  4. Verbal Alchemy Says:

    in my experience, i think the older they both are the more the guy gets attached and the girl wudnt. when a girl is young w habla lol she gets attached, u know, the silly pursuit of prince charming, as they get more experience out of life and realize that MOST guys are jerks, they stop that pursuit, which makes them more desirable in the eyes of men (bte3rafi il 3u2deh)! fa they start getting attached to girls who r friends faster and harder!

    i believe friendship is the base of a successful relationship and with that belief, i can say that MOST friendships (provided there is some chemistry and physical attraction) will lead to more than just a friendship.

  5. Princess N Says:

    Im not so sure, It might be possible but could it be that you both never thought about each other in a different way? not even once?
    I think its possible if they both are in relationships but I dont think its possible if they both are singles.. and when one of them gets in a relationship a feeling of jelousy must appear…
    Did you watch My Best Friends’ Wedding? I think that usually someone ends up getting hurt..
    Maybe not..

  6. Maioush Says:

    So you wanna tell that there is no girl (not even one) that you love to be around and love to be with but you don’t think about that way?? That’s kinds scary man :S

    Hmmm, I watched the movie more than 10 times, but I still not convinced about the fact that men and women can’t be friends, afham mn heak you don’t anybody you don’t think about THAT way??? Hmmm…

    Exactly Nada, you just love them so much but not that way , I mean what’s so hard to believe??? Guys will never understand ::sigh::

    Verbal Alchemy:
    LOL! I guess you are right, the older we get the stable our emotions, you don’t have those stupid crushes anymore, and we don’t let out guard down easily, once the habal phase is gone, but looks like guys never get out if the habal phase ya benti LOL!

    Princess N:
    Walahi never, he is like a brother to me, aslant when we met we met not cuz we were attracted to each other, it’s just that we had a class together and I didn’t know anyone on that class and so did he, he sat next to me several time “by coincidence” and just like that we became class mates, mesh aktar :)
    And by the way, he is about to get engaged, and I can’t be happier for him walahi :D .. I don’t know, I don’t think I’m different, but it really exists and we are an example :D

  7. haniobaid Says:

    Maioush, yes there is. My sister :P

    but seriously, these things aren’t mutually exclusive. Just because you’re attracted to a woman physically doesn’t really prevent friendship. In fact it enhances it. Besides it’s a matter of priorities which are different for each person you know, and change as you get to know them further, but when you first meet someone, all you have to go on is their appearance!

  8. tiger Says:

    never tried it so cant judge it:)

    since am an IT guy it is simple as this either 1 or 0 no .5 coz u ll get a big error msg when u enter it to my system:)

    but as others said it starts with a basis of friendship(could be a mask that we even put to ourselves)..and from that point its either 1 or 0:)

  9. Luma Says:

    See I told you, here is another story of my life :)
    I have a friend like that, and we are still friends, but you know because of work we don’t see each other like before, but at least each saturday we go out with other friends.
    And as you said, no feelings :) just good friends who like to share things together.

  10. Mary Says:

    It’s quite possible, and it’s a uniquely beautiful thing and a great help to understand the other sex better and enjoy a special kind of love without the difficulties and hurdles a sexual relationship gives.
    I have had many male friends in that way, and a few really close ones who in the end became like brothers.
    It is possible both when both have partners; when one has a partner; and when both are single. Of course, complications may arise, but I guess I have been lucky; they have been few and rare in my case, and haven’t destroyed the friendships. There has been a case of one of the parties falling in love with the other, but once it was discussed openly and responded to with a respectful “it is an honour, but no thank you”, we just left it behind us and went on like before, as friends.
    Friendship is a very real kind of love in its own right and should not be underestimated nor denied existence.
    I believe also that it is the best possible antidote against sexism.
    In my country (Denmark) boys and girls grow up together and play together always, so we have an easy and natural relation to each other. It is a wonderful thing, and I can’t say how grateful I am not to have grown up in a time or place where you could only be with members of your own sex (and your spouse when married). It would make life so much poorer and lonelier, I think – and the communication with the spouse much more difficult. Hail platonic friendship!

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