Yama Layali, Aseebak La2, Ana A3mel Eih, Tab AAAAAAAAA

It’s been a while since I last posted new songs right?? I mean you know me and my addiction to the Arabic music :D …  Well, I have few of my favorites here, first I have the new hit for Carol Smaha (Yama Layali) very nice song, I’ve been hearing it om ROoana Radio every 15 minutes lately :).

Second I have Hosam Habeeb and Aseebak La2, it’s a very cute song, Hosam is one the people that you look at and you feel like he is super innocent, he is very light with blue eyes, I don’t like those, but he is such a cute little boy (yes boy) he looks like a 7 years old boy with that face :D

Then I have Mohamad Majzoob (Ana A3mel Eih), I just love that song, I discovered today that he was in some kinds show on MBC I guess, I don’t know, but the song is really nice, it’s playing in the car since last week.

Last and please don’t be surprised , please please please :) it’s Razan and Enta Ba2a or (tab Aaa) , the video clip is sooooooooo stupid, and I really hate Razan, her voice is flat, and she makes very weird expressions on her lips while singing, but I just enjoyed the song today when it played in the car while driving especially the part where she says (yaba wela wela yaba yana yaaa) :D I guess that’s the only park I like in the song, I know I know it’s weird but I don’t know why I like it LOL!


14 Responses to “Yama Layali, Aseebak La2, Ana A3mel Eih, Tab AAAAAAAAA”

  1. sharifo Says:

    Carol Smaha…momken!!
    7osab 7abeeb…bnedghat 3ala 7alna!
    el talet lesa bidi asma3..ashoof eish be7ke…bas Razan…la wa alfo la…7atta lau asma3ha be wana rakeb UFO…fish majal la fak el 3jal !!

    ezayek BTW ?:P

  2. Verbal Alchemy Says:

    lol @ sharifo! but i have to agree, ma3a enni min ashad il mu3jabeen bil fan il habet ma ba3ref leih bas ba7eb il heshtek beshtek wil kalam illi ma ilo ma3na lol bas razan 7ugneh! id rather listen to nicole saba :D

  3. Arima Says:

    I’m loving the group one with Ehab Tawfiq at the momeny- Sina. And I’m loving Melhem Zain- though that’s a little old but I just discovered it!

  4. Fadi Marroushi Says:

    i havent heard arabic music since forever, carol sma7a’s song sounds good though :]
    nice post

  5. Maioush Says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! Da7akti man, fi majal la fak 3jal 3ala rasi 5alas el marra el jay :D

    Verbal Alchemy:
    LOOOOOOOOOOL @ el fan el habet HAHAHAHAHA malha Razan?? LOOOOOOOOOL ma fhemet hai el kelmeh :D I hate her too walahi, bs the thing is I is I didn’t know that’ it’s her who sings the song until I saw the clip :S enno I already liked the song.
    P.S: r u on Q Planet?? Cuz I don’t see your posts there! And i’m really bas when it comes to following up, sheklo I have to subscribe for your feed :) I just love you writings :D

    I love those guys too, ehab is one of my favorites when it comes to partying ;)

    Welcome to Maioush, I’m glad you liked the song :)

  6. Batoul Says:

    razan? RAZAN waleh?
    omg. ya 7wenet trbayet ahlek feeki loool
    that “thing” called Razan btnakrezni:D I hope she dies and rotts in hell :D
    I’ve been really into carole lately. she has like 5 awesome songs lol

  7. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    Good stuff!! You should have heard what besso said about Razan’s song!
    I swear I didn’t know it was Razan from the sound. And I can usually recognize voices quickly!
    Apparently it’s another tamer hosny brain fart!

  8. nido Says:

    razan!??!? WHY?!?!?! come on Maioush…I’m disappointed :p
    But you know what…carol samaha’s song was yr best choice today:D

  9. Verbal Alchemy Says:

    Mai, 7ugneh is a 7afartali term, it means ibreh, u know, a needle, but in this sense it means she ‘picks’ on my every last nerve! lol heyeh mumken the song is catchy, bas my problem is i knew it was hers before i heard the song :D

    i donno i cant find them either :-/ and thanks hon, 5ajalteeni :shyface:

  10. Hala Says:

    LOL the funniest thing is the messages which appear at the bottom of the screen :P

    I like Carole Samaha and Hussam Habib, they have good voices. I used to like Razan Moghrabi when she was a presenter, but her voice sucks … Now she shows way too much skin, and she just tries TOO hard, and ends up coming off as a fake.

    I have no clue who the other guy is :D

  11. omaima Says:

    sil te plait les paroles de yama layali

  12. oumaima koko Says:

    ples parol de yama layali ples ples ples

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