Being of average intelligence means that every 2nd person you meet is more stupid than you are. Being above average intelligence, say about… 75% means that about every 4 people you meet, 3 people will be more stupid than you are. Considering that one is in the top 25th percentile, let us assume that there are 6 billion people in the world. (Don’t know the number, can’t be bothered to find out). That would mean that 4.5 billion of them are less intelligent than you are.

Honestly, I didn’t even think about this until a friend brought it up the other night. It literally made me sit up and sent chills down my spine. Eep.

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  1. chikapappi Says:

    :$ I got lost some where there… I wish I was born really dumb – oh don’t mind that it’s kinda insulting, no- I wish I was born an animal.. brainless!

  2. catofgrey Says:

    Yep, but don’t forget the Dunning-Kruger effect…


    We THINK we are more intelligent than average (or for that matter, better looking, or more compassionate). We’re probably wrong.

    As an aside: If you are average, it usually means that somewhere between 60-90% of people are ‘essentially the same’ as you. If you are in the top 10%, only about 20% are ‘in your league’. Maybe this is why geeks are, well, geeky.

  3. Ammar Says:

    Well this is all based on IQ tests and what have you, but in reality “Average” means normal, anything above and below is abnormal in its own way, so basically what we have is a majority of “normals”, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the people who are average are “stupider” than above average, it means that the above average are more intelligent in quantitive measurements than most, which isn’t really a big deal, because intelligence isn’t only academic, life isn’t a text book, it’s a process of trial and error, and that needs people who try and fail, and then try again.

    Geniuses help clear things up every once in a while, like Einstein and Steven Hawking, but imagine a world where the majority are Einsteins and Hawkings..now that’s boring!!

    Homer Simpson Rulez! Woohoo! :D

  4. arima Says:

    World population 6,602,224,175 (July 2007)…not a bad guess you made there

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