Damaged goods

I’m sorta dedicating this post to a good friend of mine who has officially joined the circle of damaged goods. Most of my friends seem to be damaged goods now, I don’t know whether it’s because we’ve just been alive long enough to experience a higher probability of being damaged or whether the damaged just congregate together.

Now, I’d like to say right now that he’s a wonderful guy, very good looking and extremely kind BUT he’s had his heart stomped on and put in a blender one too many times. Yes, the damaged and the damager is anyone and everyone. You can be more fortunate than others and still have something destroy your being even for a little while. I think I’m going to refer to ground zero damage as being in the blender.

The worst thing about being in the blender is that you do the most stupid things that you wouldn’t ever do at a normal period of time in your life. It’s the usual things, you play around, you get a haircut, dye your hair, go on a major shopping spree, you change your boyfriend/girlfriend, you get a pet, you decide that it’s time to adopt or give birth to your own child, you find someone that you might have fallen in love with but ended up destroying every single fiber of innocence that (s)he may have had left.

I’m willing to admit now that I’ve been in the blender. I’m also willing to admit that being in the blender was one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had and that I’m sincerely sorry to whoever else I turned into damaged goods in the process. It’s happened, it’s how I got turned into damaged goods in the first place. It’s how my new blender friend has turned into damaged goods too. It’s a horrible plague of broken people breaking other people in the process while trying their best to glue the pieces of their miserable lives back together.

It’s really sad to think that at any one moment there’s a few hundreds of thousands of people miserable because of heartache. Ok, I know it’s quite inconsequential compared to famine and wars but the whole phenomenon of love is a really interesting subject.

Anyway, there’s nothing much else I can say about damaged goods without talking about my own experiences… Not very ideal.

Welcome to the ring of misery, friend. Hope you realise what you’re doing right now will destroy who you’re with too

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  1. Verbal Alchemy Says:

    it undeniably karma’s mysterious ways.

    we hurt ppl, we turn them into damaged goods as u’ve classified them, then one day the world turns around, bites us in the ass, and someone crushes our hearts and we’re damaged as well. its the price of growth and maturity. we tend to do big mistakes, drink of the same cup sometime later on, and then get the insight, and learn.

    beautiful post Mai, but then again, i enjoy all ur posts :)

  2. wonders Says:

    i guess when you get hurt you will suffer for a while but u’ll grow out of it, forgive and move on..
    what hurts more is not knowing if you were forgiven….

  3. secratea Says:

    this is what I’d call experience.. sa7, we lose a lot along the way, and a failed relationship is one of many misfortunes that could happen to us, but we gain experience, which is a blessing ;)

  4. Maioush Says:

    Verbal Alchemy:
    Expensive price for maturity walahi, but I guess that’s the only way for us to learn, hurt is what last’s the most in our lives, and that’s what stops us from doing the same mistake again and again!
    Thank you very much Dima, It’s an honor to hear such sweet words from you :)

    I totally agree with you in this one, I keep on saying, ya bakht meen bat mazloom wala bat zalem :)

    Sa7 :) we do lose a lot but I wish that the hurt we go through is worth it though :)

  5. Princess N Says:

    Beautifully said… I believe that any couple sitting together for the fist time sit with baggage.. we all have baggage, but the thing is to know how to use it… We definately use it but do we use it in frustration and to get revenge of our ex using our current? or do we use it to judge the person infront of us and maybe appreciate that he is nothing close to the ex?
    unfortunately its usually the first, and with doing that we might end up losing someone who might have made us happy..
    I believe that when a door closes another one opens but sometimes when a door closes it hurts so much you do not see the open door..

  6. tiger Says:

    hi maiousheh wassup?

    nice post frankly one of ur best:) (I think u know why:P)…

    the damaged goods concept is correct a fact an undeniable fact…

    but…and as i will always say.. its up to u to define how damaged u are.. see with more and more experince i get i know at the end at some point am gonna reach a level of not trusting people to a certain level and that what they called maturing or growing up…but am still till now refusing to abide with this rule call me idealstic call me renegade call me whatever u like but the status till now i refuse to play a game on a law that have been put by others.. I still play my own game with my own laws no matter what the price is and what the pain could be and I would never loose that every person cann have a good and bad one inside and its up to them to define which part they like


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