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What is it with people who don’t talk to you awhile and just ask you for some advice out of the blue. Obviously I’m more than willing to help a fellow human being, cough, but pissed if I would help a human being who only speaks to me for the sole purpose of extracting some knowledge from me. It irritates me to no end, honestly, sometimes I feel used for having this knowledge just because lots of people are just too lazy to type a phrase in google and find out the answer for themselves. The worst thing is when they ask me medical questions. Sure, I probably know more than you but most of my knowledge comes from… Google. If GOOGLE has helped me, I am sure that it will help you too.

I’ve decided I’m not helping anyone again unless they bother talking to me regularly. Honestly, it’s really rude to message someone after a few months of silence just to ask a question and go on your merry way. It’s even more annoying when it happens a number of times. especially from this particular person. God, I hate that guy, I seriously do. Freakin calling me from overseas to get answers, 7ell ya!!!

Good riddance, go find someone else to bother.

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  1. Mona Says:

    Wallahi it also happened to me. There are people who are enjoying in teasing and fooling others.
    I have a friend who was a student assistant in the university library and now is working in UAE. He used to ask me by e-mail to do a favor for him. I always was ready to help him but finally I found his requests were very strange and I decided to cut my relationships with him and to ignore him at all. el7amdellah I’m feeling better.
    Try Maioush to ignore them.

  2. lulu Says:

    I know how you feel. I have dealt with people like that before. They pretend to know you when they need something from you.

  3. haniobaid Says:

    I have family like that, they don’t talk to me for months at a time, then out of the blue they need computer help!

    Of course, they usually feed me in return. Maybe someone stuck a (will work for food) sign on my back without me realizing it !

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