I hate typing in Arabic!!!!

I wrote one WHOLE page in Arabic, and it got DELETED MY MISTAKE, UUURRRGGG!!!! Typing in Arabic is extremely hard thing to do because A) my computer doesn’t support Arabic so I have to use some STUPID program (it’s very lame by the way, it has NOTHING!!)  to be able to type in Arabic B) […]

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Would You Ask Me To Dance?

Would you ask me to dance? Would you take my hand in yours, and lead me carefully to the floor. Hold me close to you and caress me gently as we glide together under the night’s soft light? Would you ask me to walk with you? Arm in arm together journey with me as we […]

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“Wishing You Happiness”

Wishing for you warm breezes, Skies filled with sun, Rainbows after each storm, Laughter in your heart, Comfort in your sadness, Light to chase the darkness, Tears to ease your grief, Smiles to ease your pain, Truth in what you seek, Faith in those you trust, Shelter from the elements, Wings to lift you up, […]

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You Still Have Hope…

If you can look at the sun and smile, then you still have hope. If you can find beauty in the colors of a small flower, then you still have hope. If you can find pleasure in the movement of a butterfly, then you still have hope. If the smile of a child can still […]

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  It’s sometimes found in unexpected places. In the warmth of the sun on our skin. In the sound of a bird’s soft call. In the joyous laughter of a small child. In the love of a special friend. In the unexpected letter that comes our way. In the beautiful sight of friendship’s smile. In […]

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Protected: Confused

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It’s Okay… Yeah It’s Okay

It’s okay to be afraid sometimes…Everyone has days when they aren’t certain. It’s okay if you lose your courage for awhile. Sometimes we just need to lean on another. It’s okay to be angry for a time. Anger can cleanse and heal the hurt within. It’s okay to be sad today. Sometimes bad things overwhelm […]

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Memories and Pathways…

Warm memories flood my mind, bringing a smile and a soft sigh. Happy times, bright thoughts of cherished moments in time. Chance meeting? Perhaps. Or Destiny’s call. Does it really matter where or why? Two lives have touched. Two souls entwined. Two spirits now glide upwards together. Our beings now linked, and forged with each […]

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If I Could Give My Mom the World

If I could give my mom the world Or anything she wanted, I’d give her my own heart and soul And leave my own heart haunted. I’d take upon myself her life With all its strife and pain, And let her ease into some space Where she could live again. The pain for me would […]

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Mom.. Today is the Day

When I was little and I cried You lovingly held me, and let the last tear fall, When I would scrape my knee You’d bandage it up and say “be careful”. When my birthday was horrible, you smiled And promised the next would be perfect. When I would lose my temper, You had a way […]

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