It’s Okay… Yeah It’s Okay

It’s okay to be afraid sometimes…Everyone has days when they aren’t certain.

It’s okay if you lose your courage for awhile. Sometimes we just need to lean on another.

It’s okay to be angry for a time. Anger can cleanse and heal the hurt within.

It’s okay to be sad today. Sometimes bad things overwhelm us.

It’s okay to feel regret. Sometimes we hurt others.


It’s okay to be happy. You don’t owe anyone misery.

It’s okay to laugh today. Don’t feel guilty for learning to smile.

It’s okay to want to find love. The heart is usually the best part of us.

It’s okay to be at peace with your decisions. Even when others don’t agree with your choices.

It’s okay to speak your mind. No one else has to agree with you and opinions can be expressed without anger.

It’s okay for doing what *you* feel is right even if others don’t agree. You owe yourself, not them.

It’s okay to explore who you are. You are growing.

Keep learning more about yourself.

It’s okay to just *be* today. You don’t have to go anywhere or be anything you don’t want.

It’s okay to dance, to sing the song. Everyone deserves music in their lives.

It’s okay to be happy.

It’s okay to love.

It’s okay to find peace.

It’s okay to be who you are.

14 Responses to “It’s Okay… Yeah It’s Okay”

  1. bara2 Says:

    ya ya
    ya3me … 7ekam !!!!!
    and the final one!!!
    it’s not ok .. it is a must :)

  2. Mohannad Says:

    The best thing happened to me 2day is reading this blog …..
    thanks for the great staff you pt in here :)

  3. Who-sane Says:

    yeah it’s really ok …

    w bi monasabit el it’s ok, bahdeeki:

  4. noura Says:

    “It’s okay to be who you are.”
    Sometimes this one is the hardest!!

    Am sorry for your 911 experience on your previous post..that must have been terrifying like watching a ” cops” episode !!
    Take care :)

  5. Qabbani Says:

    3ala mas2oletk …

  6. ta2e3 Says:

    It’s okay to be at peace with your decisions. Even when others don’t agree with your choices.

    i liked this the most, and it’s ok

    nice post

  7. Dima Says:

    To know that you’re loved is when you can feel this ‘It’s ok to be who you are!’ and still feel loved. as a super moody person, this is the way I see it! It’s hard to live with someone when you can’t be who you really are.. no way to be able to spend your whole life acting!

  8. hamede Says:

    It is ok.

  9. Jumana Says:

    nice way to experss yourself…

  10. Jasim Says:

    More than beautiful.. keep it up :)

  11. Abed Hamdan Says:

    of course it’s ok! you tell me about it ;)

  12. Jano Says:

    Nice :) miss you

  13. mk Says:

    i love this it has made my day you have no idea but ? is it ok to love a person so much that you cant stop thinking about him ???

  14. melissa Says:

    aw…. =)….. How cute…….=}….Pretty……

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