Would You Ask Me To Dance?

Would you ask me to dance?

Would you take my hand in yours, and lead me carefully to the floor. Hold me close to you and caress me gently as we glide together under the night’s soft light?

Would you ask me to walk with you?
Arm in arm together journey with me as we whisper of our dreams, our plans, the future and all the mysteries we will find as we go?

Would you ask to hold my hand as we travel along?

Keeping me warm and touching my heart with your spirit? Letting it glide over me like the soft brush of a dove’s wing?

Would you laugh with me each morning?
Bringing the glow of the sun into each day, even if the sky itself becomes overcast with clouds of trouble and obstacles?

Would you dance with me amongst the stars, laugh with me in the sunshine, and walk with me along this journey?

17 Responses to “Would You Ask Me To Dance?”

  1. gloalorama Says:

    طيب اومي لنراص يا صبية اشبكي اديكي باديي

  2. Mnoosh Says:

    ya5te 3a romanceyeeeh!
    ah mwaf2a :shy:

  3. Jumana Says:

    you reminded me of that “hero” song.

  4. mohanned Says:

    El ba6ee7’a?

  5. kinziblogs Says:

    Mai, may he who asks be kept for you until you meet! that is SO romantic!

  6. Voyage: Hero.. Says:

    […] couldn’t stop singing this in my head after reading your nice post…So here you go […]

  7. Maioush Says:

    LOOOOOL :D , what a song I was like 9 when I first heard it :)

    You didn’t know that I’m a romantic person, come on :)

    Hero is one of my favorite songs ever, I saw your post dear, and I’m really touched ::sniff sniff::
    LOOOOOL batee5a?? allah y3eenha el madam :D

    Oh god… that was one of the nicest comments ever.. yeah I was in the moment :) and until I meet him, you’ll hear a lot from me :)

  8. hamede Says:


  9. Ammar Says:

    Very nice! reminds me of Sinatra’s “fly me to the moon”, it also goes well with the moon on the header!

  10. Maioush Says:


    Wolcome to Maioush, yeah… i should have put the song on tha background, it does match it :)

  11. Maher Says:

    Well,, if you ask a Girl in Jordan, she will probably kick you in the nuts and say: “Ana ma bargos ma3 shabab” !

    i sent some of those words to my GF and she was like how did you come up with these stuff? i replied ” you still dont know me yet” LOL

    Maioush if you can write more about these stuff. that would be great!

  12. Maioush Says:

    well, i’m the girl and, i’m the one who is asking in this case, so no kicking :D LOOOOOOL
    and MAAAAAAAAAAN, u used my words for ur GF?? :D hehehe u r bad, tab a3teeni credit for it kan!! J/K 3ala 7sabak ;)
    if u wanna see more of those words go my poems category, i have alot of them, so enjoy :) .. i write every once in a while, i’ll try to wrie more inshalla … eb2a salemli 3ala el GF ;)

  13. Maher Says:

    aaaa your hand!! o you asking…!!! hala2 fhemet!!! LOOL!
    wallahe mesh 3aref sho bede a7ke..esta7eeet!! LOOOOOOOL!!

  14. Maioush Says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL ma ana mshan heak safanet, enno ba3ato la sa7ebtak :D hehehehe, tekram 3eanak bab2a aktoblak something goes both ways :D LOOOOOOOOOOOL , i’m still laughing at u :D

  15. Maher Says:

    yaaa bayee ma a7sanneek!! :P

  16. om el mees Says:

    u remined me of “come what may ”

  17. Maher Says:

    Come What may?? YAAAAM!!

    mneee7 ellle mo titanic!! LOOOL

    just messing around! :P

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