It’s sometimes found

in unexpected places.

In the warmth of the sun

on our skin.

In the sound of a bird’s

soft call.

In the joyous laughter

of a small child.

In the love of a special


In the unexpected letter

that comes our way.

In the beautiful sight of

friendship’s smile.

In the soft embrace of someone

who cares for us.

In the words of kindness

spoken with concern.

In the soothing flow of

the tide as it rushes in and out.

Small things, sometimes not always noticed.

They give balm to our soul,

and uplift our spirits.

Small pieces of strength

help us to move on and put

one foot in front of the other.

Soon those footsteps lead

us on our new path.

A stronger path

because we’ve shared our


6 Responses to “Strength…”

  1. bara2 Says:

    that is so sweet ya mai .. wallah ..
    u know what?? i discovered somth … u are so sweet, so gentle, so soft. an emotional person .. u care about others .. u really want to help other .. and that is shown in ur writings .. it’s true .. when i showed this poem to my sisters they told me : hai elbenet morhafat el2e7sas
    so good for u ..

  2. Jasim Says:

    So beautiful and nicely written.. simply beautiful…

  3. Qabbani Says:

    nice …

  4. Abed Hamdan Says:

    sharing is awesome. It’s Beautiful :)

  5. Maioush Says:

    Allah yes3ed albek. Those are very sweet words… walahi 5ajalteeni,,, seriously I don’t know what to say, this is so sweet… you know ana dayman ba2ool lama ykoon el wa7ad mnee7 beshoof elli 7awaleeh mna7, o enti l2nnek mnee7a shayfani heak.. allah yes3ed albek ya rab :)

    Thank you very much, I’m glad you like it…

    Thank you, :)

    Abed Hamdan:
    It is indeed :)

  6. mk Says:

    love it!!!!

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