Who Sets Your Limits?

 We often hear “the sky is the limit” yet we’ve launched people to the moon and back. No matter what limitations there seem to be in life, someone is always striving to push past them. One needs to look no further than the sports realm where records get broken every day. Records for speed, distance […]

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Qwaider Planet or Planet of the Qwaider??!!!

I’ve been checking my stats for a while (just for the sake of it), and every time I do, Qwaider Planet kept on popping on my screen, now for some reason this image got stuck on my head, so I draw it (with a little cheating ::wink wink:: ;) … so this what we will become, […]

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Life Cycle

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When Maioush returns to Amman…. answering Qwaider’s Tag

Yalla, lets play what if tag as Qwaider said… I’ve been asked to answer what will happen to my blog if I return to Amman.Tag rules: State 5 things. at least. And tag 3 people … simple No?? Yalla… what will happen to Maioush if I go to Amman: The blog will have less posts (no […]

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What does discouragement cost?

 A quote comes from one of the world’s most-loved comediennes: “One of the things I learned the hard way was that it doesn’t pay to get discouraged. Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself.” ~ Lucille Ball While I do agree that optimism is the way to […]

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 Khalas 3ad, enough stupidity mshaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan allah, enough with all the bullshit, seriously I can’t take any more. Ya3ni when somebody is trying to do a good freaking thing, instead of getting some freakin APPRECIATION, they get the stupidest comments I’ve ever seen in my whole life!!! Some people are just too much, they call people […]

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MY Chicken Fatteh…

Yep Yep :D I made it WITH PICTURES!!! I know it’s not a big deal, but I remembered to take pictures for this fatteh I made next to Mlokheyeh (it was yesterday’s meal “bayteh” that;s why I didn’t take pictures for it :D ), and tell you what guys, baba and my brothers went crazy […]

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  You are the first person I seek each morning. The last person I wish for each night.   My strongest supporter in my daily endeavors. My most honest critic of my humble failures.   The one who sees the true good within me, My voice of sanity when I dwell on the bad.   […]

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 It’s getting on for 9 am but I’m not fully awake yet. All this getting-up at the crack of dawn to take my little bro to school is doing my head in. He was an hour late getting there today and even then I felt like I was going out in the middle of the […]

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 There I am, innocently enjoying a cup of coffee and a bit of surfing (internet variety, I don’t go in for the other sort, gimme a break), when my little brother screams at me from the kitchen. Little bro: MAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIII! HELP! There’s a needle stuck in my foot. Mai: A what stuck in your foot? […]

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