Khalas 3ad, enough stupidity mshaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan allah, enough with all the bullshit, seriously I can’t take any more.

Ya3ni when somebody is trying to do a good freaking thing, instead of getting some freakin APPRECIATION, they get the stupidest comments I’ve ever seen in my whole life!!!

Some people are just too much, they call people hypocrites and they are the hypocrites, jad jad fi nas ma btest7i!!! Ya3ni you give and give and give, and treat them like they are worth something (although they are not), but they still have the nerve to come and act like they know better, and I’m telling you.. they know NOTHING!!!

I got to this conclusion a little bit late, but this bloggging thing is getting more stupid every single day, I see more trash are talking like they are important or something for some reason, they leave a comment or 2 and go to their blogs (like anybody cares) and start attacking other people cuz they are so cowards, they know that by writing in their blogs they can BAN whoever they want, and delete the comments they don’t like. ya5i toz feek(i) o fi el blog mnee7 heak???

I’m not gonna mention names, cuz they are not even worth mentioning here, but hey, I’m not gonna delete any single comment that comes to this article, say whatever you want, I don’t care…

22 Responses to “Zeftsphere!!!!”

  1. Qwaider قويدر Says:


  2. mab3oos Says:

    Are you asking for a Roast?

  3. Maioush Says:

    akh bs!!

    bring it on… i can take the fun, but man, keep it clean allah y5aleek :)

  4. Qabbani Says:

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal !!

    It’s not you Mai who’s talking like this , take it easy lady , what’s going on ???!

  5. Saned Says:

    This post came just in time. Thank You.

  6. mab3oos Says:

    Oh, you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.


  7. Maioush Says:

    whoever stays in on this stupid environment will eventually become like this!!

    you are SOOOOOOOOO welcome, any time man

    well, i can’t call you with your other name, sorry!! i don’t say these words, so i’m sorry about that!
    and i told you, bring it on :) i’m cool, whatever you have, bur as i said, keep it cleanand i will be the first one to laugh :)

  8. wonders Says:

    they are not even worth it babe..

  9. Maioush Says:

    Yep Yep, i totally agree with you dear!!! so not worth it…

  10. Qabbani Says:

    Take it easy , and don’t become like this …

    This is life , Online Offline , same ppl out there ppl in there ,so
    am not surprise at all, of any thing going on ,or will going …

    day after day blogging lose it taste …

  11. Moey Says:

    so deleting comments you don’t like doesn’t make you a hypocrite as well?

    you know, el zaman taweel… I just want to see your face expression when you hear what you should? further info… email me back once you delete this!

  12. Abed Hamdan Says:


    ana msh fahem eshi ,,, sho sayer ?? meen etdabba7 ma3 meen hal marrah ??

    The blogsphere is full of idiots, but they can’t even piss you off if you don’t get involved with them.

    ignore them, get out of the community..but keep blogging ;)

  13. Abed Hamdan Says:

    Ok now I get it.

    Some coward is attacking people anonymously…

    tanshi ya 3ammi..lashoo mkabreen el mawadee3

    sho tabe5teelna el yoom ?

  14. Abed Hamdan Says:

    enti dalli 7otti sowar el akel o ana arawwe7 a7ki la my mother te3malelna…le2annu soret el fatte kanat lazeezee :(

  15. Maioush Says:

    You know what Moey, I’m so not a hypocrite, and your comment will not be deleted, I’m not like the other people around (mn soo2 7azzak), o ya seedi mashi.. el zaman taweel!!

  16. Moey Says:

    Ok great :)

  17. sharifo Says:


    nice Blog btw :D

  18. Mohanned Says:

    Zaman ma ejeet 3la madaftek..
    Ensi..El mohem 6affoo el 7arayeg wella ba3dha mwall3a?

  19. aya Says:

    mai 7bebte daro sofahakom .o 3ala 2olet 3bed rkze bel tbe5 o 7asetk sayra martha stewart msh ya bent:D

  20. Maioush Says:

    teslam ahla o sahla. ta3al kol youm :D

    nawarat el madafeh ya man, zaman 3annak walahi, el 7araye2 tafooha, heye law lessa sha’3aleh betshoofni 3ayseh, ma motna ya man mn el do5an , kafaha allah :)

    7ekam ya aya 7ekaaaaaaam :D

  21. Deemco Says:

    Did i miss something? I’ve been spending less time on the blogosphere and all of a sudden everyone’s biting off each other’s head. What’s going on? Is this all about “the critic”? I just found out that he’s closed the account. We’re supposed to be “il3a2leen”, “illi bifhamo” mish “bajam”!! I’m honestly shocked by people’s actions and the way they’re handling the issue.
    Maioush 7abeebti wala tiz3ali wala 3ala balik, most people are simply NOT WORTH IT!

  22. Maioush Says:

    i know walahi ya Deema, i was so mad when i wrote this, i always enjoyed reading blogs and surfing around the blogsphere, what’s happening now is too much!

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