You are the first person I seek each morning.

The last person I wish for each night.


My strongest supporter in my daily endeavors.

My most honest critic of my humble failures.


The one who sees the true good within me,

My voice of sanity when I dwell on the bad.


You are the person who brings reason to my day,

and the person who brings magic to my nights.


You are my best friend and partner in all that I do.

My soulmate

5 Responses to ““Soulmate””

  1. kinziblogs Says:

    Mai, very dear. Just give your groom grace to grow into being such a man, it takes time for the both!

  2. eyad Says:

    lucky him :)

  3. sweetlikearose Says:

    Oh .. how sweet ya mayoush .. ya 6azo jad .. :)
    i wish if i had a one :)
    i missed u ya 7elwe jad … :)
    :: warde 7amra kteer ::

  4. Dandoon Says:

    awww thats so sweet. your words are so simple and really touching, you can easily turn themout into a song :)

  5. Abed Hamdan Says:

    aywa yawaaa


    meen hal person ??? e3terfi :P

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