More than tired

This is the 3rd week in a row…Yes.. It’s been 3 weeks since the last time I got more than 2 hours of sleep in one night, a total of 12 to 13 hours of sleep a week, I usually sleep in the weekend to recharge myself for the week, but for the past weekends […]

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Be Grateful for the Love YOU’RE giving…

Warning: This is a long post!!! Yes Yes Yes.. I’m hitting this subject AGAIN!!! One of the hardest things to accept about grown-up relationships, I think, is that even the people who love you best can’t always give you what you need. They love you truly, maybe in the very way they would want to […]

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Do listen to music 24/7 (even in your dreams)? Do you walk around and there is ALWAYS a song in your head? Do you have 30GB or MORE of music in your computer? Do you burn a CD almost every other day? Do you get any chance you have to download music no matter what […]

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It’s Okay… Yeah It’s Okay

It’s okay to be afraid sometimes…Everyone has days when they aren’t certain. It’s okay if you lose your courage for awhile. Sometimes we just need to lean on another. It’s okay to be angry for a time. Anger can cleanse and heal the hurt within. It’s okay to be sad today. Sometimes bad things overwhelm […]

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911 CALL …!!!

Today’s post was suppose to be about totally different subject, but you how things happen in the last minute. After spending a wonderful day includes all the girly girl stuff with Fatina (cooking, makeup, hair, and shopping), to cheer me up, and to put me back in the good mood, our day ended in a […]

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ألو مزاج… ليه هيك؟؟؟

يعني على قد ما بحب راديو مزاج، على قد ما بكرة هالبرنامج (ألو مزاج)، الواحد بكون مشتاق للناس و نفسو يسمع عربي، بفتح النت على و يلا نروح عمان. كل يوم لما أصحى الساعة 5 الصبح (في عمان بتكو الساعة 3 الظهر)، بكون الراديو أصلا مفتوح لأنو ما بعرف أنام إلا و الأغاني شغالة…. مش […]

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Live & Learn

As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn’t supposed to ever let you down probably will. We will have our heart broken probably more than once and it’s harder every time. We’ll break hearts too, and we’ll try to remember how it felt when ours was broken. We’ll fight with […]

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  Sorry for the super short post but what can you say about “katkoot” :) I don’t like Arabic movies, and I don’t watch it, but seriously.. this one is funny :D , this guy is crazy LOOOOOOOL :D I have no clue where he gets these voices from  :D I haven’t seen the whole movie, I […]

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I’m An ADDICT!!!

Yes… it’s true, I have an addiction and I have to be treated from it, I’ve been trying since last October, I was cheating every once on a while, but today it was a big cheat!!!I’m a SPEEDOHOLIC!!!! Since I got my ticket, I promised myself not to speed, for my own sake, and for my loved […]

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He is just NOT that into YOU!!!

Because if he likes you, trust me, he will call you!!!! I’m not an expert in relationships, but tell me ladies, why would you think men could be incapable of something as simple as picking up the phone and calling you? You seem to think at times that they are “too shy” or they “just […]

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