Do listen to music 24/7 (even in your dreams)?

Do you walk around and there is ALWAYS a song in your head?

Do you have 30GB or MORE of music in your computer?

Do you burn a CD almost every other day?

Do you get any chance you have to download music no matter what it is (New, Old, Mixes)?

Do you update you 4GB iPod every 2 weeks because you listen to the 1000 songs for more than 10 times a week?

Then my dear you are a MUSIC FREAK!!! :D

That’s me :) … god… even my dreams comes with a song in the background!!

:D ask me about any song, any singer, I know, and most of time I start singing it (you don’t want to hear me singing.. I’m worse than Abed :D “   Abed Just Kidding ok (mesh ana elli jerani eshtako menni ;) ) .. LOOOOOOOL :D ” )

I just LOOOOOOOOVE music, I can’t go any were with it being around me, I get crazy, to be more specific… (zai el walad el z’3eer elli mdaye3 emmo) :D .. you want to hear something even funnier.. my music lists names are really funny :D for example:

-Faya3a Collection

-3ala el sobo7

-Noom Mix

-Ta2m NaKaAaAad

-Habal Mix .. LOOOOOOOOL (sa3d el so’3yar o el shelleh hadi.. sho’3ol 3abat ya3ni)

-ETC… :D

So any way, I was thinking of creating a page just for music, I have so many thing to add on it, Audio, Video, A LOT… there is only one problem, I tried to add the audio somany times but for some reason it doesn’t come up, even Qabbani tried to help me once, it came up fine on his blog but not mine, although both are WP!!!

I was thinking to add the links to the songs, but Naah .. Didn’t look as nice…

The idea still in my head, and I’m trying to figure out a way to add music and play it from my blog, but we’ll see :) .. maybe I’ll keeo adding songs every once in a while as a post.. do you guys have any suggestions for a MUSIC FREAK  like me? :)

9 Responses to “ARE YOU A MUSIC FREAK???”

  1. Abed Hamdan Says:

    wad3ek mostaf7el :|

    looool…no I don’t have iPods, and I don’t burn CDs ;)

    I’m just gifted, I usually sing instead of listening…you should learn how to etja3ri… :P

  2. Qabbani Says:


    okay FIX THE LINK one my naem Miss.Mai , ba3deen it work nice in WP account , i hope this post bring new info , why same cod work all over WP account’s and not on Mai’s one …

    i had 40.8GB music in my HDD and not into listen all time , just in mood :P

  3. Qabbani Says:


  4. Isam Says:

    we should totaly totaly exchnage collections … i actually dont know how many GBs i have cuz they’re not in one place … but a 30+ for sure …

    actually i have nightmares cuz they are not as organized as much as i would like … (they are in Artist folders but no album folders ,,, only artists form a-c have that) … and there was this one time where i met this american girl who was visitng jordan and she had like abt 20 GB of unique music (a mad collection of jazz blues and oldies) ,,, but i couldnt manage to take them all ,,, i was sick for two days :)

    i tried ,,, but it wont work …

    dont know ,,, if u want maybe we can collaborate on this … like start the ultimate music website … when i have proper bandwidth that is :)

    Maioush and Abed … welcome to my music freakness … :)

  5. redrose Says:

    heheheh Habal collection… ,what?30 GB? alla yi7mi el pc tba3ek mn el viruses! 7attetlek el yom Habal funny song 3ashan ma t2uli you missed something :)

  6. Maioush Says:

    LOOOOOOOOL .. el j3eer mesh e5tesasi, ba3dean el jeeran fi hal balad ma beejo be7ki ma3ak, bejeeboolak el shorta 3ala tool :D anamesh 7emel heak, 5aleeni 3ala el sama3 o kater alf 5eari :D

    fixed (sorry) … and yeah i hope i’ll find out why :) .. thanx for your help man (ba3ref sara3tak) :D

    YAAAAAAAY you’re a music freak too???
    and yeah.. why not.. i would love to do such a thing, that would be great really.. but i’m not into english music, i’m all arabic :) arabic music freak :D
    la jad , lets do it, that would be a great project.. i’m in :)

    Red Rose:
    LOOOOOOOOOOOL abu yousef ya manal :D hehehehe sho zakarek feeha hadi.. yalahwi sho kont asma3ha zaman :D
    la ma ana 3amleh backup la el a’3ani (el eshi el wa7eed elli ello backup 3endi :D )

  7. 7usam Says:

    i have 45 GB of music , i keep every thing, some times 3 copies of a song i like

    i have only a 512 mb MP3 Player, its fine

    MP3 is my favorite music type 128 kbps NOT less
    i use winamp to play my mp3 ver 5.24 satiable and i like it
    i play mp3 in my car with FM MP3 transmitter :D
    i hate rm and ram i hate real player

  8. Maioush Says:

    7usam Dear.. you are just another music freak :D

  9. Hala Says:

    I so very much am … I even fall asleep listening to music.

    My brother is even worse, I do not even know how much music he has (We have 2 computers and 2 laptops and we save tons and heaps of all styles of music and songs on all of them) :|

    I was just thinking about it, I am officially addicted.

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