Letter to a friend…

I’ve been negligent in writing, been tired of being tired… Je suis malade. You ask what the air tastes like on the other side? The same, but perhaps somewhat headier the higher you climb. Only your perception changes… how could it not? You look back through the blackened bars at whence you came, seeing only […]

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What’s that smell?!

(Hint: It’s your planet.) 2006 is now officially the warmest year on record for the U.S. (At least until next year or the year after that one…) That’s not all, though. The National Center for Atmospheric Research just said that their latest studies indicate that the problem is far worse than they suspected, and that […]

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What happened today..

Something really strange happened today. It kinda freaks me out, to tell the truth. I’d decided earlier in the week that we’d go out to dinner at a fantastic Chinese Restaurant that I’d discovered two years ago when my uncle lived and worked down in this area. I also wanted to go to a shop […]

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Love & Marriage Myths

I think that many myths that surround marriage give couples unrealistic expectations. Disappointment is sure to come for people who are looking for the Cinderella-like happily-ever-after storybook marriage year after year. If you watch late night TV, enjoy classic movies, listen to love songs, or read romantic novels, then you may have an image of marriage […]

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LV Dishes

After work today I was greeted at the door by two boxes from Lillian Vernon catalog. I ordered some new dishes for my MOM a week or so ago and they’re here! I love them already. I got 2 sets, which is 8 plates, 8 bowls, 8 salad plates, and 8 mugs.I know Lillian Vernon is […]

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I’m on Qwaider Planet…

I was so proud when I knew that I’ve been added to Qwaider Planet for a week now. Simply this post is to thank Qwaider for the trust he gave me by adding a beginner like me to the blogsphere :) I think I have to start working harder on my little space there to deserve […]

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حرية رأي ام إساءةالى المحجبات؟

سيدي صاحب التصريحات الرنانة و زير ثقافة مصر( بلد مسلم عربي تتواجد به  نسبة كبيرة من النساء المحجبات), لا ادري الى متى سنبقى نستمع الى وزراء (متأمركين) بافكارهم و بعيدين  بارائهم و افكارهم و ثقافتهم عنا و نعتبرها حرية رأي و الدستور يضمن له حرية الرأي بينما من يمس شخص رئيس عربي يحاكم بالخيانة العظمى […]

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Omar Otoum… Medina and Mecca

ladies and gentlemen, I  present you proudly my dearest cousin Omar Otoum with his newest article about his trip for Umrah, its a very interesting article, and it was puplished in theie local newspaper, for those who are inerested seriously its a must read … the article: “Sunday, December 31, 2006 Medina and Mecca A Louisville Muslim shares his pilgrimage […]

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