What happened today..

Something really strange happened today. It kinda freaks me out, to tell the truth.

I’d decided earlier in the week that we’d go out to dinner at a fantastic Chinese Restaurant that I’d discovered two years ago when my uncle lived and worked down in this area. I also wanted to go to a shop N had told me about. It sells organic food, toiletries, candles, local crafts, that sort of thing.

So headed off into town. This was about 4pm.

After ambling around briefly and looking in a couple of interesting little places, we found the shop and I chatted to the owner, and had a good look round and bought a few things (including Stilton Pate, which was a bit of a surprise to me, because not only have I never actually tasted Stilton before, but I absolutely detest strong cheeses) and we went from there, the short walk round the corner to the restaurant. By this time, it was just after 5.

Things were going great until the middle of my main course. I got an inredible shooting pain through my right rib-cage. It felt like someone was trying to rip open my chest from behind. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t speak. Every time I moved, or tried to breathe it would rip right through me again. I started to think maybe I’d popped a rib out of place.

S was obviously starting to get a bit concerned, and started to ask me if I wanted to just leave now, and go home and lie down… or if there was something he could do. I told him that I thought it would probably go away if I just sat quietly for a bit, but that no matter what happens, I’m not going to the hospital. I just couldn’t face ruining a great day by winding up spending hours in a hospital for them to muck me about then send me home having done nothing to help me.

As we finish the meal, I reach down to get my mobile to phone my mom, and it beeps loudly in my ear just after I dial the number. I look at the display and see that I’ve got a voice message.

I dial up the answering service and find a message from my mom… who’s sounding distinctly worried, asking me what happened and what hospital I’m in.

Thorougly confused, I dial her mobile number to find it’s switched off, and I look at the time and realise it’s 6:20 and she’s probably at the station picking up my brother.I dial home to see if she’s got there yet, and find she hasn’t, so I dial her mobile again and this time leave a message asking her to call me back and explain what she’s been smoking. Five minutes passes and she hasn’t called back, so I phone the house again and she picks up and immediately launches into asking what the hell’s wrong with me.

It turns out that she got a text message on her mobile at about 6pm saying “Mai at hospital. Phone here”. Which is interesting, because there are only three people with the number and the ability to send text messages and that’s me, my brother and my dad. Now, given that my brother had been with her all afternoon and left just before 6 pm to go to the cinema, and my dad was at work and nowhere near me, I have no idea who could have sent that message.

What freaks me out is that she got that message right around the time I was saying to Serj that there was no way I was going to the hospital…. but it wasn’t me who sent it, because the mobile was switched off and in my bag.I’ve wracked my brains all evening trying to figure it out, but I just can’t. I just hope it doesn’t happen again. I’ve had way too much phone weirdness in the last three years, I really can’t be arsed dealing with any more. 

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