LV Dishes

After work today I was greeted at the door by two boxes from Lillian Vernon catalog. I ordered some new dishes for my MOM a week or so ago and they’re here! I love them already. I got 2 sets, which is 8 plates, 8 bowls, 8 salad plates, and 8 mugs.I know Lillian Vernon is a very grandmotherly kind of catalog to shop from, but they have such pretty dishes. I got some for a friend awhile back that had the cutest ladybug, bee, dragonfly and butterfly pattern. They were the kind of gift you buy for someone else and end up coveting. Then I knew I would have to have
LV dishes for my mom.The other good thing about
LV is that they have great customer service. When I opened my boxes today, 2 of the mugs had broken in transit. So I called up the toll-free number and now they are sending me 2 more mugs. I don’t even have to send back the others.They do have a web site but they’re not really very well-equipped to do business online. Besides, it’s really funny when you call, and you get the message “Hello, this is Lillian. Thank you for calling.” Hee hee.The only potential drawback is that today in the mail I also got a catalog from Harriet Carter. And you KNOW she got my name from
LV. I’m sure those two share address books. Not that I really mind getting the Harriet Carter catalog, as cheesy as it is, they really have some good stuff. But I know this is just the beginning, and the floodgates are about to open . . . soon I’ll be coming home to stacks and stacks of old-lady catalogs falling out of my mailbox, most likely.

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