Women when they throw stuff!


8 Responses to “Women when they throw stuff!”

  1. Jumana Says:

    :D good one maiusheh

  2. wonders Says:

    loool, i imagine it would be true!! they have a lot of crap anyway :)

  3. ola Says:

    lool I don’t know what is it with us and throwing things away! My mom can’t stand the least bit of clutter, and you know that can cause problems sometimes!

    I think it’s an ostrogene thing :D I mean, just few minutes ago I felt so good deleting some websites from my favorites while being reluctant to add another one, why? I don’t know! It’s just I hate to have so many items I don’t need :D

    But I have to admit, when it comes to clothes and personal belongings, I’m a freaking hoarder!

  4. secratea Says:

    looooool, wallahi ya Maioush ennik mish 2aleeeleh :D
    Allah ye3eeeno , hehehe :PP

  5. unknown Says:

    انتي فعلا لازم تسمعي اغنية
    سجل عندك يا محبوب

  6. sam Says:

    LoL …good one maioush…:)

  7. Maioush Says:

    thank you thank you ladies :D glad you like it, cuz looks like that this comic is meant for the ladies to comment on :)

  8. Oriental Arabesque Says:

    LOOL good one…i always through things away..and i have like 2 major seasons:
    -every summer before going on vacation
    -when the weather starts getting colder and i have to clear summer clothes and bring out the winter ones!

    my mom gets crazy sometimes on how i can’t stand any karkabeh…even when she keeps things in the store room i keep on trying of getting rid of them a.s.a.p
    i tell her if u didn’t use/wear this for the past 6 months then u’ll never do..khalas give it to the needy a7san… :D

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