Who did I Miss?

Who did I miss as I traveled my path?

What hand did my eyes not see?

What smile sprang to lips that my eyes ignored in my preoccupation with “me”?

My view was so narrow, my goals so dim

I did not look around

To see others that touched my life.

What might I have found?

Had I opened my view and looked to see others that stood nearby.

Instead of despair about not fitting in, and worrying about just why.

I was so fixed on one lone goal

So sure that’s where I belonged that I think I failed to see the others who tried to travel along.

3 Responses to “Who did I Miss?”

  1. Dima Says:

    lovelyyyyyyy post!!!

    It’s true yet sad that sometimes as we get busy with our lives and have just one sepcific goal that makes us blind to see other things.. people who walk along with us in the same path .. !!! And then when we fall, it’s then when we realise what we missed.. and what was not appreciated…

  2. Omar Says:

    Lovely indeed

  3. Abed Hamdan Says:

    sometimes the path itself is what really matters…

    beautifully written :)

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