What every girl should NOT do before 18

 Ok, so everybody knows that I’m not the best when it comes to follow rules :) , since I got tagged by Batoul, Wonders, and Oriental Arabesque, I decided to answer it … my way ;)

What you should NOT really do

1.Don’t get married:

The worst thing to do is to get married before the age of 18; girls are not mature (enough) to get married, and YOU CAN WAIT!!

2.Don’t dye your hair:

You’ll grow old and have A LOT of gray hair, you’ll get to a point when you wish you can take a break of it, do not damage you hair with these chemicals

3.Don’t put any makeup on:

There is nothing better than the natural beauty for little girls, you don’t really needs it in you teens, you’re suppose to have a great fresh skin, enjoy that.

4.Don’t fall in love:

Don’t break your heart too soon; you are better off without boys when you are a teen ;)

5.Do not quit school:

Don’t you ever, under ant circumstances quit school, finish Tawjeehi, and pick a major you like, and put a plan to yourself, DO NOT QUIT!!!

6.Do not get fat:

If you get fat in your early teens, you will NEVER be able to lose it, and even if you will, you will struggle keeping it down, make sure to watch your weight, have healthy habits when it comes to eating, it will affect you later in your life.

I’m not gonna tag anyone, as I noticed, most of the people are either tagged, or answered it already, but if you read this and feel like answering it, go ahead :)

18 Responses to “What every girl should NOT do before 18”

  1. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    Don’t get pregnant! That should be #0

  2. nido Says:

    why didn’t you tag me?!?!?! :((((
    I like it this way too!! the “should NOT do” way ;)

  3. nido Says:

    batoul suggested “maioush is gonna tag Nido” :(:(

  4. Noura Says:

    I like the rebel in you Maioush..by not following the rules you made it interesting…and NIDO, I was tagged so I will tag when I do it :)

  5. Maioush Says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.. Maaaaaan!! :D

    HE3 HE3 HE3!! :D

    thaaaaaaaaaaaaank you dear, and ma azkakiiiii for tagging Nido, albek abyad :D ::kiss::

  6. Oriental Arabesque Says:

    wallah i so agree with u….i dunno why teenagers are in a hurry to dye their hair and put make up on…let them enjoy their natural beauty and low maintenance beauty days…because a time will come when u don’t have the luxury of choosing doing or not doing these stuff..it will be a must ya3ni..(shi w mino of course) so la72een :p

    and of course don’t get married b4 18!! 7aram jad :(

  7. Lost Within Says:

    This is the most realistic post I read about thit tag!
    probably because I did nothing of these stuff above and felt proud of my self :P

  8. Simply Me Says:

    why not to dye the hair :S I don’t agree with that.. I died my hair pink, red and purple.. and I don’t regret it! coz now i can’t do that anymore…

  9. Oriental Arabesque Says:

    Maioush: i just don’t agree with u on the “don’t fall in love part”
    i think every teen should go through this illusion, they should try the feeling and live all the craziness of the 1st love….i had a friend who didn’t have any relation when she was teen…her first love story was at the age on 24 and i can tell u she made a total fool of herself…she acted like she was 16 and that was completely stupid and mish labe2 la her age!
    fa it’s better to get over el habal 3a bakeer..trust me :D

  10. Oriental Arabesque Says:

    simply me: nothing is wrong with the hair mascara :p teens can use that and wash it away when washing their hair..less damage u know :)

  11. Maioush Says:

    Oriental Arabesque:
    Yeah I know, I’m saying that cuz I dyed my own hair, and regret it so baaaaaaaaaaaaad, I wish I didn’t do it, as for the makeup, yeah, there is nothing like natural beauty, she shouldn’t wallah, I’m so glad mama didn’t let me out any makeup pn until I got to college :)

    Lost Within:
    I’m glad you find it realistic :D
    And bravoooooooooo, you didn’t do any of them, raheebeh!! :D

    Simply me:
    Well, it damage your hair, I wish I didn’t dye mine walahi :@

    Oriental Arabesque #2:
    Allow me to disagree, it doesn’t matter how old are you, and how many guys you’ve been with really, I’m gonna make a fool of myself, I will make a fool of myself no matter what, let me tell you this, and I know you will think that I’m a freak, I didn’t TALK to guys until I got to college, not even talk, I found it useless and there is absolutely no point of doing it, it’s not like you are gaining experience or anything sad2eeni :)

    Oriental Arabesque #3:
    Have to agree with you on that one ;)

  12. What every girl should NOT do before 18 | lose weight Says:

    […] Read the rest of this great post here […]

  13. Batoul Says:

    bl 3aks, having a broken heart mn awalha when you’re still younger and unaware of a true relationship is the easier way of getting the experince without giving into it. I colored my hair at 17 and started to put makeup to ocassions. Yeah no marraige and no fatness!!

    and awww Nidooo, 7abibti, wallahi inha wag3a lol. Where has the friendship gone, gosh! lool.. walkom la tza3louha shes pregnant wo sensative lol im about to get a phone thrown at me lool.

  14. nido Says:


  15. Sharifo Says:

    Good answers…
    but the one of not getting fat…it should be advised before reaching 5 years old…
    wa ma zelna nadfa3 el thaman el early fatness :P


  16. secratea Says:

    “Don’t fall in love”…. as if banat 2abil 18 ever listen to such an advice, loool
    “Don’t dye your hair”… La2 Mai… then when are girls ever gonna try the bright pink, purple, orange, … etc??

    “Do not get fat”… I totally agree!

  17. Abed Hamdan Says:

    Don’t pierce anything in your body before and after 18 <== menshan allah add this

  18. Maher Says:

    Ameeeeen to Dont Get Fat!!
    although i have to admit..that Girls are starting to go to Gyms and stuff here in Amman…

    tb how about..Dont tell your parents that you have a boyfriend? wella this is something obvious?

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