What Can I Send You??

What can I send you  

to show you I care? 

What could I give you to let you 

know how very special you are to me? 

 I could send you a rainbow , 

to shine as a bright promise 

after the storm. 

 I could send you the sunshine , 

to chase away any dark clouds 

that come your way. 

 I could send you a hug , 

to hold you carefully 

when you feel afraid. 

 I could send you a smile , 

to embrace and surround your 

heart with happiness. 

 I could send you a flower , 

a symbol of beauty , friendship 

and life. 


I could send you a butterfly ,  with strong wings to lift 

your spirits up.  

I could send you warm breezes , 

to gently fill your sails and 

help with your journey. 


But maybe I’ll send you my love , 

and with it you’ll find all of these.

My wish,  my hope, 

for you. 


8 Responses to “What Can I Send You??”

  1. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    I know what you can send me .. Just send me your silence and LET ME WATCH THE GODDAMN GAME!

  2. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    Oh and order pizza too :)

  3. Maioush Says:

    whats with men and games??

  4. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    I’m just kidding, I hate games too! Not much of a spectator sports person

  5. Maioush Says:


  6. MQabbani Says:

    nice…. can i copy it ?

  7. Maioush Says:

    MQabbani: LOOOOOOOOL no u can’t copy it (J/K)
    sure u can copy it, i’m glad u like it. thanks for asking..

  8. Red Rose Says:

    Woman adresses man” just send me a promise that you will never disappoint me” it’s enough ;)

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