I just don’t get it, some mothers don’t even deserve to be mothers, I’m sorry but yes this is the truth, the painful truth!!

Lisa, a mom of adorable girls, Amanda 9, and April 13 years old, is the worst nightmare can happen to these girls, I think they would be happier if they have the devil as there mom more than having this woman!!

Amanda has down syndrome, she is the purest and cutest girl you can ever meet, until her mom decided to give her away at the age of 8 because “she can’t take of her anymore” stating that this girl :had ruined her life”!! What a B*%$#**%$#

Did I mentions that she is an alcoholic and used to be a drug addict? She decided to keep the “healthy” kid and give the center the “sick” as she calls her!! I mean I’ve never been this mad in my whole life, how can give up your child after 9 years? No I mean can you give up your child to start with???????

Her answer was so simple “I didn’t plan to have her, some people asked me to, and when she was born, they discovered that she had Down syndrome, they changed their mind, and I got stuck with here”


Didn’t I tell you that is the worst night mare for these girls? The two sisters are apart for almost 2 months now, 2 days ago was Amanda’s birthday, and her nanny gave the best birthday party ever, and did the poor girl asked for… “Are mommy and April coming??”

I was about to cry, no I actually cried, I wonder what kind of heaven under those mom’s feet???

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  1. Batoul Says:

    Shes cute :( There needs to be faith for heaven to be under mommy’s feet. Shes faithless if she gives up her own flesh AND after 9 years. This is truly heartbreaking!

  2. nido Says:

    She calls her sick??!?! Well…The only sick person here is the mother! How could she!? Downsyndrome kids are the most adorable human beings God creates, they only need a special kind of care and having them in a supportive family is a big blessing…
    I’m so angry now,,,I really am!!

  3. secratea Says:

    some people are just merciless.. cruel being! :(

  4. Jasim Says:

    The kind of mother that should be burnt in hell!

  5. Sharifo Says:

    no problem !!
    the little girls will find their way..it’s always like that but,

    that mother will grow old someday, and she will need caring too..
    she will know exactly how shitty she was !!


  6. Adoosh Says:

    Dear God!
    6ab this kid has grown inside you for 9 months, has been fed directly from you for, let’s say, another year, and grew in front of your eyes for a whole 8 years, how can you just throw her away!
    For God’s sake she’s a part of you! :S

  7. Diana Says:

    ya waili :(
    how could she?!
    ya rab tsame7ni, but sometimes I think that some people don’t deserve to have kids!

  8. jumana Says:

    I always pray to be a good mother…

  9. loolt Says:


  10. Lulu Says:

    That’s really sad. How can she do this?

  11. Lost Within Says:

    the girl is better off without her !
    poor child!
    such a mother is not the one u will cry over later in life !

  12. sam Says:

    aw poor baby…but she is better off without that “mom”..poor girl…she is adorable..and down syndrom is not a sickness..but alcoholizm and stupidity are ! uggh! makes me mad..but then again she is better off without a “mother” like that!

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